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Godslayer: Rasenus the Rudiarius Green

Megalith Games präsentieren neue Preview Bilder auf Facebook.

Introducing Rasenus the Rudiarius

A Rudiarius is a gladiator who has won his freedom through outstanding success in the arena.

Around April we are planning a Kickstarter for the Wave-2 starter boxes and the Godslayer battlebox. As part of the stretch goals there will be a set of 6 mercenary characters who can be used by any faction warband.

So Rasenus will be one of those mercenaries. What’s more, he will be a taster for the future Gladiator sub-faction, meaning you will be able to see how they will function. Each Gladiator will have access to use one or more special talents called gladiator combat moves. the gladiator subfaction will be 95% characters with only 1-2 units. Each gladiator will have 3 profile cards with different skill levels of Gladiator, Veteranus and Primus.


Quelle: Megalith Games auf Facebook


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