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Global Defence Forces: 15mm Kickstarter

Stuart Lawrence Powley hat momentan seinen 15mm Global Defence Forces Kickstarter am laufen.Der Kickstarter läuft noch 24 Tage.


Welcome citizen!

The world government has fallen! It falls to us to raise an army to protect and fight for our peace, democracy and freedom! Enlist and support the Global Defence Forces. Join today!

At Slap Miniatures we’re seeking the funds to hand craft a new range of 15mm (1/100) scale figures, with the retail copies cast as whole finished pieces in high quality pewter.

There are two sets of figures on offer, both containing one piece pewter castings of 30 individually posed figures. So with your help in bringing this kickstarter to life there will be 60 uniquely posed figures to choose from. I feel this is important, making every soldier in your table top army look and feel like an individual.

The most common soldier in all armies is the humble rifleman, so I’ve created 30 individually posed riflemen. Furthermore there will also be 30 individually posed ’specialists‘ to bolster the rifleman.

Amongst the specialists there will be 6 different types of soldier armed with differing weaponry. 5 Rocket troopers, 5 Communication troopers, 5 grenadiers, 5 assault troopers, 5 snipers and 5 machine gunners. I’ve already made 1 of each of the 6 different types of specialists so you can see what they look like, with the rest to be made during the course of the kickstarter.

There’s also rucksacks available too! Who doesn’t like those? Suitable for many 15mm figures.


The Fugures:

The following is all of our rifleman fully finished and ready for production, just waiting for funds.


And here are the specialists. We currently have one of each finished.

I’ll finish the other specialists as part of this kickstarter and with any luck, before the kickstarter is over. So eventually we’ll end up with 5 different assault troopers, grenadiers, rocket troopers, snipers, comms troopers and Machine gunners.


And the rucksacks. A choice of two different types.



Our rewards are determined by military ranks and a few specialist titles as well. Within in each rank there will be differing quantities of Rifleman sets and or specialist sets along with a slightly preferable price depending on your chosen rank.

Global_Defence_Forces_15mm_Kickstarter_06 Global_Defence_Forces_15mm_Kickstarter_15 Global_Defence_Forces_15mm_Kickstarter_14

Global_Defence_Forces_15mm_Kickstarter_13 Global_Defence_Forces_15mm_Kickstarter_12 Global_Defence_Forces_15mm_Kickstarter_11 Global_Defence_Forces_15mm_Kickstarter_10

Global_Defence_Forces_15mm_Kickstarter_09 Global_Defence_Forces_15mm_Kickstarter_08 Global_Defence_Forces_15mm_Kickstarter_07

Should you wish to have more than your reward level allows for then you can add the necessary funds to your pledge for additional platoons and ruck sacks.

Bear in mind that the price of additional platoons correlates with your chosen reward as shown above.

Also should you add funds for add-ons please send me a message including a list of what you have added funds for. That way when the time comes for your pledge to be shipped it’s easier for me to get it right and you don’t forget what you wanted!


Postage within Britain 1st class: £3.00

Postage to the rest of the world: £6.00

We can normally cover the cost of postage within Britain. However post destined for foreign shores is rarely covered by the above charge. However I don’t mind taking a bit of a hit.

Whilst I’m not currently offering any other postal services, such as insured post I would consider it if there is enough demand.


I’d just like to explain why I’ve set the delivery date to July;

March: Running the Kickstarter (and attempting to finish specialist figures before the kickstarter is over).

April: Will have definitely finished the specialist figures.

May: Figures sent off for casting and production.

June: Packaging and posting of everyone’s pledges.

July: A spare month, just in case the moulds don’t turn out correctly, figures need remastering or the casters are a little late.

As for the Generals pledge, should anyone take one of the three on offer I shouldn’t have any difficulty in finishing them when the time comes to ship everyone’s pledges.

You can probably tell there is a fair bit of leeway for me to finish sending out everyone’s rewards. I’d expect to get everything sent out before July. However with the last kickstarter running late I do not wish to dissapoint anyone, including myself

What comes after the Kickstarter?

I’ve kept this kickstarter limited in scope in order to keep things easy to manage.

However I do plan to add more figures to this range to fill the more niche things a tabletop army may need. Heavy weapon emplacements, officers, combat engineers, pilots and the like. I Just think it’s important to show that there’s planned expansion of this range and others in the future.

As the kickstarter progresses I’ll be sure to share concept sketches of future GDF figures with you.

Not only that but I do have two other armies with some of the work done and will follow the same pattern this project has taken. 30 rifleman figures and 30 specialists to fulfil the basic needs of a tabletop army.

There are also civvies, something I’d also like to expand upon.

Vehicles, mechanized combat suits and other more exotic infantry are something I want to do, but they’ll have to wait.

You can have a quick peek at the other two armies that will follow should this kickstarter go well. These are Just the dollies, which I would use to sculpt arms and heads onto.

Global Defence Forces (Used for this kickstarter)




Really bad guys.


Troops without armour, to represent base staff and such.


Civilian scientists and engineers.




Guns, helmets and rucksacks.



Quelle: Global Defence Forces auf Kickstarter


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  • Einfach nur geil! Endlich 15mm „Imperiale Garde“, wie ich sie benötige. Das wird so geil, die Modelle zu kriegen!!!

  • Echt jetzt? 15mm Miniaturen mit modularen Waffen und austauschbaren Armen und Köpfen? Ok, das ist mal echt krass.

    Auf jeden Fall gute Minis für 15mm, das muss man klar feststellen.

    • Ziemlich sicher weder noch. Ein paar Bits eventuell, aber 15mm mit Optionen zu gießen ist Selbstmord. Die werden sehr sicher weitestgehend als 1-piece-Modelle daherkommen, wie man den Greens ja auch schon ansieht.

      • Optionen beschränken sich bei 15mm SciFi in der Tat meistens auf Köpfe. Clear Horizon hat z.B. bei einigen den neueren Figuren unterschiedliche Varianten separat zur Verfügung gestellt. Ansonsten ist vielleicht mal ein Arm anzukleben, aber das wars dann. Wenn Waffen separat mitkommen ist das meistens eine Option die man an den Rucksack kleben kann oder neben Figuren, die gerade Funkgeräte bedienen o.ä.

      • Tatsächlich mag ich an 15mm, dass die gerade nicht modular aufgebaut sind, sondern schnell grundiert und bemalt sind. Der ideale Maßstab für Gefechte größerer Infanterieeinheiten und Fahrzeuge.

  • “…both containing one piece pewter castings of 30 individually posed figures“
    da steht nix von modular oder zusammenbauen 😉

    • Dafür liegen sie auch preislich weit unter den White Dragon Mini, wobei ich den WD preis aber noch gerechtfertigt sehe, da diese im Moment die Messlatte für 15mm scifi-Minis legen. Die hier sind aber auch schon sehr ansprechend 🙂

      • Sind die wirklich so gut die WD-Marines? Aus irgendeinem Grund habe ich damals beim Kickstarter nicht mitgemacht, und beim Review hier wurde doch auch gemault, weil sie sehr fragil sind oder?

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