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GameCraft: Neuerscheinungen

GameCraft Miniatures haben einige Neuheiten im Shop!

GCM_GameCraft_Miniatures_Container_Plakat_Nuka_Cola_Paint_Rack_1 GCM_GameCraft_Miniatures_Container_Plakat_Nuka_Cola_Paint_Rack_2 GCM_GameCraft_Miniatures_Container_Plakat_Nuka_Cola_Paint_Rack_3

15mm Temporary Office / Habitats (3 Stk.) – 16,00 USD

Can be used as offices or habitats.  Based on 20′ cargo containers.

Three different models per set.

GCM_GameCraft_Miniatures_Container_Plakat_Nuka_Cola_Paint_Rack_4 GCM_GameCraft_Miniatures_Container_Plakat_Nuka_Cola_Paint_Rack_5 GCM_GameCraft_Miniatures_Container_Plakat_Nuka_Cola_Paint_Rack_6 GCM_GameCraft_Miniatures_Container_Plakat_Nuka_Cola_Paint_Rack_7

Painting Station – Testors Square – 22,50 USD

Painting Station holds 20 of the Testors square glass bottles, one small brush rinse water cup and 28 brushes, files, etc.

Assembled unit measures 16″ wide, 11″ deep and 3 1/2″ tall. This is perfect size for putting away on a bookshelf, under your bed or in a cupboard when you are not using it.  Perfect for people that want to work at their desk, on the dining room table, the coffee table while watching TV, or if you just want to keep your workbench clutter free while switching between painting jobs.  Also great for people that have small children and want to put their paints away to keep their little hands from getting into them.

Made from 1/8″ MDF.  Assembly Required.

Note:  Photos show the 26mm Vallejo model of the Painting Station, the Testors Square version is identical except the holes for the paint bottles is square instead of round.

GCM_GameCraft_Miniatures_Container_Plakat_Nuka_Cola_Paint_Rack_8 GCM_GameCraft_Miniatures_Container_Plakat_Nuka_Cola_Paint_Rack_9 GCM_GameCraft_Miniatures_Container_Plakat_Nuka_Cola_Paint_Rack_10 GCM_GameCraft_Miniatures_Container_Plakat_Nuka_Cola_Paint_Rack_11

28mm Billboard – 10,75 USD

Model measures about 7″ wide by 11″ tall from the ground to the top of the sign (105mm x 93mm)

The area where the artwork (supplied by you) is placed is 6.53″ x 1.93″ (166mm x 49mm)

Model is made from laser cut 1/8″ (3mm) MDF.

Please note, the pole is made of wood and the diameter can vary slightly from one piece to the next.  I’ve sized the holes in the MDF that the pole goes into as closely as I can but there may be a need to slightly sand the wooden dowel or use a round file to open the holes in the MDF slightly.  In most cases this will not be necessary, but I just want you to know that it’s possible.  I cannot custom cut each kit to match possible variations in the diameter of the wood dowels.

Artwork shown in photo is not included.  Print and apply your own to the dimensions noted above.

GCM_GameCraft_Miniatures_Container_Plakat_Nuka_Cola_Paint_Rack_12 GCM_GameCraft_Miniatures_Container_Plakat_Nuka_Cola_Paint_Rack_13 GCM_GameCraft_Miniatures_Container_Plakat_Nuka_Cola_Paint_Rack_14 GCM_GameCraft_Miniatures_Container_Plakat_Nuka_Cola_Paint_Rack_15

15mm Sci-Fi Building Set (Perfect for Gruntz) – 39,50 USD

This set was designed in cooperation with ClearHorizon Miniatures for their Sigma Event 2177 Gruntz™ starter set.

This set contains a total of 6 structures, 3 intact and 3 ruined.

This is perfect for use with Gruntz™ and other 15mm Sci-Fi games.

If you are planning on supporting the Sigma Event 2177 set on Kickstarter, get your buildings there, you will save a few dollars by supporting the Kickstarter campaign.

GCM_GameCraft_Miniatures_Container_Plakat_Nuka_Cola_Paint_Rack_16 GCM_GameCraft_Miniatures_Container_Plakat_Nuka_Cola_Paint_Rack_17 GCM_GameCraft_Miniatures_Container_Plakat_Nuka_Cola_Paint_Rack_18 GCM_GameCraft_Miniatures_Container_Plakat_Nuka_Cola_Paint_Rack_19

28mm Nuka Cola Vending Machine – 3,45 USD

One piece solid resin casting.  Model is supplied unpainted.

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