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Freeblades: Traazorite Crusaders Kickstarter

Von Freeblades Fantasy Miniatures  ist ein neuer Kickstarter am Laufen.

Welcome to DGS Games‘ Kickstarter Project featuring the TRAAZORITE CRUSADERS from the Freeblades fantasy skirmish miniatures game. This project’s main objective is to fund the creation and production of the new Traazorite faction models for use in our tabletop skirmish game, Freeblades. These models will expand your play experience in both existing and soon to be released scenarios. Your backing will take this new faction from concept art, to masterful sculptures and then into production to be delivered to customers like you.

In Freeblades, there is no good and evil, there are only the choices you make. Can you successfully kidnap the rich merchant, will you defeat the rampaging beast, can you fight your way through demons to close witchgates before your opponent, or do you simply wish to drive your opponent from the field of battle? These are only a few of the missions you may find yourself engaged in. Freeblades features league style play as well, allowing your freeband to grow as you acquire gold, and its members to gain experience and become more powerful or become injured and possibly die from their wounds.  It is your story to tell and now you can tell that story with cool Traazorite models!

The New Concept Art:


The Keshark is the freeband’s leader, mounted on a dangerous Velozar and just as dangerous a swordsman in his own right.


And we have sculpted the Keshark…

We use the money you pledge to make these models.  And we have a lot of faith in you!  So, as the project continues we will be showing you the sculpts of these fine models.  Our sculptors are so excited to work on them, they can’t wait either…  and now, your Keshark, by Gael Goumon…



Inspiring the legions in battle and discouraging their enemies, the Sunbringer is a formidable opponent.


And, with some more faith, we have sculpted him as well.  Let’s make him a reality!



A tough warrior in his own right, the Packmaster also controls a pack of Vezarin and launches them into battle at just the right moment.



Barely trainable, but ferocious in packs, Vezarin harass and disrupt the enemy. Often by eating him!



The mainstay and might of the Empire, the Legionnaire is the most lethal common soldier on two continents.


DGS Games

DGS Games is proud to be a Made in the USA company. We work hard to validate our supply chain to ensure compliance with our business philosophy and also go a step farther to use local suppliers when able. We feel this allows us to deliver great products while minimizing risks to either quality or deadlines.

Our Sculptors

We collaborate with top caliber talent to bring our players highly detailed and amazing miniatures. The Traazorite Crusaders kickstarter project will have figures sculpted by Gael Goumon and Patrick Keith. By backing our project you will enable us to continue partnering with this talent and make the best products a gamer could want.

What folks are saying about our miniatures: „One of the most interesting new sculpts I have seen – I need this!“ – Barbaric Splendor about the Lioness on FaceBook

„Freeblades is a fantastic game – my favorite minis game to date. The miniatures are beautiful, and continue to impress with each release! Every Kickstarter I’ve backed with DGS has shipped on time (often early), and the staff is great to work with, always ready to help, whether it’s a rules question or the rare product issue (mispacked starter set, in our case – resolved in less than an hour).“ – Keith from Fun Factory

„These are the models that get gamers to buy figures for a game they have yet to discover. Another fantastic model.“ – Bryan about the Questing Knight of Sylvia on Facebook


Der Kickstarter läuft noch 18 Tage.


Quelle: Traazorite Crusaders auf Kickstarter


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