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Fantastic Plastic: Soviet Moon Lander

Fantastic Plastic Miniatures haben den Soviet Moon Lander wieder in ihren Shop aufgenommen.

Lander1 Lander2

The LK („Lunny Korabl“ or „Moon Ship„) was the Soviet space program’s counterpart to NASA’s Lunar Module (LM). Originally designed to carry a single cosmonaut to the lunar surface (Later designs could carry two), the LK was significantly smaller than America’s moon lander and had a slightly different mission profile as well. For example, the LK had no docking tunnel; the cosmonaut would have been required to space walk from his mother ship to the lander while in lunar orbit. Also, the LK used the same engine for ascent from the lunar surface as it used to land, whereas the LM had a separate ascent engine.
The LK was tested successfully three times in Earth orbit in the early 1970s.  However, the repeated failure of the Soviets‘ N-1 moon rocket resulted in the USSR scuttling its lunar landing program, and the LK along with it.

  • Scale: 1:48
  • Material: Resin
  • Number of Pieces: 150+
  • Pattern by Scott Lowther
  • Casting by Mana Studios
  • Photoetch by Paragrafix
  • Decals by Canuck Models
  • Lunar Landing Display Base and Cosmonaut Figure Included

Das Set kostet 130,00 USD.

Link: Fantastic Plastic Models


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