Eden: Klaus & Leprechauns

Ho! Ho! Ho! Ihr wart alle sehr unartig!

Happy Games haben das limitierte Eden-Weihnachtsset für dieses Jahr vorgestellt.

HG_Eden_Klaus_Leprechauns_1 HG_Eden_Klaus_Leprechauns_2 HG_Eden_Klaus_Leprechauns_3 HG_Eden_Klaus_Leprechauns_4

HG_Eden_Klaus_Leprechauns_5 HG_Eden_Klaus_Leprechauns_6 HG_Eden_Klaus_Leprechauns_7 HG_Eden_Klaus_Leprechauns_8

Ho Ho Ho ! Winter is coming and Klaus is back : more BADASS than ever! After a hardcore training, he  recruited a team of mutant Leprechauns to share the Xmas spirit with clubs and axes…

This box, the second one to be branded EDEN LEGENDS, is a 300 exemplars limited edition.
It will include the new Klaus miniature, 4 Minions miniatures and one 40mm token, all in resin.

This box will include a brand new game game booklet and a special “present” card deck, allowing to play an exclusive  Eden Legends scenario!
While a player will embody Klaus and his bunch, try with several other players to rob his presents! But beware… his Leprechauns are quite… angry!

EDEN LEGENDS : Klaus & Minions will allow you to play at up to 2 to 5 players. There will be fun, challenge, and plenty of dirty tricks!

Please notice that, even if these miniatures constitute a 100pts Troop, their profiles have  not been thought to be played in EDEN “standard” games, but it is up to you.

Miniatures sculpted and painted by Mohand.. Marker sculpted by Mohand et Bertrand Séguier.
Game Design by Hugo “Minus” Nivesse.

Every order including this box will be shipped from December 7 2016.

Die Box kostet 45,00 Euro.

Quelle: Happy Games

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