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Durgin Paint Forge: Neue Previews für die Zwerge

Auf Facebook zeigen Durgin Paint Forge neue Konzeptzeichnungen und erste Render für neue Zwergen Modelle.

Durgin Paint Forge_Dwarf Concept Preview 1

Chapter XVIII
Here the concept sketch made by Davide Tedeschi for the last Iron Crow sentinel of our project, the upcoming sculpture you shall see by us!
I expect lot of osl-diorama with this little grumpy one!
With this character we will take a break from Iron Crows subjects, focusing on some very particular ones: in fact, before Christmas you will see the first lady dwarf of our range, and she will be..crazy! 😀
The schedule of this project is going very well, I clearly see the Kickstarter on the horizon, and it will be (at least for us!) a great dwarven party!
Also, I just finished writing the BG novel/artbook that will be published with those dwarves: hell yeah!
Thank you for your enthusiastic support guys!

Durgin Paint Forge_Dwarf Concept Preview 2

Chapter XIX: a glimpse of future, with something very old.
A dwarven range without a grumpy old guy isn’t really complete.
This sketch, made by our mighty Davide Tedeschi, shows you how our old dwarf will be (I fear I speak like yoda..).
This funny oldie is a Guardian of the Lore: in this world full of changes, it’s important to keep always an eye to the right values and teachings of the past, and this guy is the one who cares about your education.
This character travels around the dwarven domains to assure everyone respect the ancestors and to help the people with the lore of the past. His gigantic (and armored!) books are not only an incredible source of wisdom and good principles of life, but an effective (and blunt!) tool of persuasion.

Durgin Paint Forge_Dwarf Concept Preview 3

Chapter XX
Here is our young priestess-apprentice of Tallya, a healer that travels around the world in search for rare medicinal ingredients!
This sketch (made as always by our Davide Tedeschi) shows you one of our female characters made for our upcoming dwarven range (that won’t be a sausage party, luckily -for other dwarves!-).
We wanted to catch a more „ingenuous look“, compared to our proud warriors, and you can expect a real cute sculpture.
I know I know: you are fierce and fiery men thirsty of violence and gigantic weapons and blood and so on, but the world need also something gentle, and our range won’t be complete without some „civil“ characters!

Durgin Paint Forge_Dwarf Render Preview 1 Durgin Paint Forge_Dwarf Render Preview 2 Durgin Paint Forge_Dwarf Render Preview 3 Durgin Paint Forge_Dwarf Render Preview 4

Chapter XXI
Because the night is dark, and full of thieves.
Or goblins.
Or elves.
In case of doubt, shot a quarrel.

Quelle: Durgin Paint Forge auf Facebook


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