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Dark Sword: DiTerlizzi Masterworks und Restock

Im Onlineshop von Dark Sword Miniatures gibt es 11 neue Produkte aus ihrer DiTerlizzi Masterworks Serie. Außerdem haben sie noch eine kleine Menge der Tiefling Resin Büste, auch nach einem Design (oder Gemälde, besser gesagt) von Tony DiTerlizzi rein bekommen.

Just posted up 11 brand new Tony DiTerlizzi Masterworks releases in our Online Store. Also received a small restock on the “Portrait of a Young Tiefling” 1/10th Scale Resin kit for those of you wanting to pick up a copy of that for the holidays. Dave Summers did the sculpting honors on all 11 of these new releases. Our collective favorite is the Land Shark and Pups kit that comes with a large Resin Land Shark (with two fin options) and 3 pewter Land Shark Pups. Swing on by the Dark Sword site to check them out in greater detail. Thanks!

Die Neuerscheinungen:

DSM_Dark_Sword_Miniatures_DiTerlizzi_Masterworks_Land_Shark_Tiefling_Bust_1 DSM_Dark_Sword_Miniatures_DiTerlizzi_Masterworks_Land_Shark_Tiefling_Bust_2 DSM_Dark_Sword_Miniatures_DiTerlizzi_Masterworks_Land_Shark_Tiefling_Bust_3 DSM_Dark_Sword_Miniatures_DiTerlizzi_Masterworks_Land_Shark_Tiefling_Bust_4

DSM_Dark_Sword_Miniatures_DiTerlizzi_Masterworks_Land_Shark_Tiefling_Bust_5 DSM_Dark_Sword_Miniatures_DiTerlizzi_Masterworks_Land_Shark_Tiefling_Bust_6 DSM_Dark_Sword_Miniatures_DiTerlizzi_Masterworks_Land_Shark_Tiefling_Bust_7 DSM_Dark_Sword_Miniatures_DiTerlizzi_Masterworks_Land_Shark_Tiefling_Bust_8

DSM_Dark_Sword_Miniatures_DiTerlizzi_Masterworks_Land_Shark_Tiefling_Bust_9 DSM_Dark_Sword_Miniatures_DiTerlizzi_Masterworks_Land_Shark_Tiefling_Bust_10 DSM_Dark_Sword_Miniatures_DiTerlizzi_Masterworks_Land_Shark_Tiefling_Bust_11

  • Adult Land Shark and Pups x3 – 44,99 USD
  • Land Shark Pups x3 – 19,99 USD
  • Satyr – 9,99 USD
  • Troglodyte with Sword – 11,99 USD
  • Female Witch/Hag – 9,99 USD
  • Rusty the Rust Monster – 9,99 USD
  • Bullywug with Spear – 9,99 USD
  • Dark Dwarf Warrior with Axe – 9,99 USD
  • Rotgut – Half Orc Warrior with Spear – 9,99 USD
  • Ludwig Darkwhip – Thief with Whip – 9,99 USD
  • The Shambler – 29,99 USD

Die Tiefling-Büste:

DSM_Dark_Sword_Miniatures_DiTerlizzi_Masterworks_Land_Shark_Tiefling_Bust_12 DSM_Dark_Sword_Miniatures_DiTerlizzi_Masterworks_Land_Shark_Tiefling_Bust_13 DSM_Dark_Sword_Miniatures_DiTerlizzi_Masterworks_Land_Shark_Tiefling_Bust_14 DSM_Dark_Sword_Miniatures_DiTerlizzi_Masterworks_Land_Shark_Tiefling_Bust_15

DSM_Dark_Sword_Miniatures_DiTerlizzi_Masterworks_Land_Shark_Tiefling_Bust_16 DSM_Dark_Sword_Miniatures_DiTerlizzi_Masterworks_Land_Shark_Tiefling_Bust_17 DSM_Dark_Sword_Miniatures_DiTerlizzi_Masterworks_Land_Shark_Tiefling_Bust_18 DSM_Dark_Sword_Miniatures_DiTerlizzi_Masterworks_Land_Shark_Tiefling_Bust_19

DSM_Dark_Sword_Miniatures_DiTerlizzi_Masterworks_Land_Shark_Tiefling_Bust_20 DSM_Dark_Sword_Miniatures_DiTerlizzi_Masterworks_Land_Shark_Tiefling_Bust_21 DSM_Dark_Sword_Miniatures_DiTerlizzi_Masterworks_Land_Shark_Tiefling_Bust_22 DSM_Dark_Sword_Miniatures_DiTerlizzi_Masterworks_Land_Shark_Tiefling_Bust_23

Portrait of a Young Tiefling – 1/10th scale resin bust – 69,99 USD

This is the first bust piece Dark Sword is testing demand on. The initial run on this piece is very limited and will be available only via our Online Store as we test out the waters. It is based off of Tony DiTerlizzi’s wonderful painting entitled “Portrait of a Young Tiefling”. It is a 1/10th scale resin bust which you can see detailed pictures of down below. We have assembled model pictures, pictures of the parts, and even scale pictures next to rulers. And finally, we have a size comparison picture next to the gaming scale miniature based on the same piece of artwork to really drive home the respective size differences. 1/10th scale is the most common size of bust we found in researching what size to make this. I also wanted to call to your attention the fact that we have included a free resin plinth/stand for those folks that wanted something right out of the box to work with. More advanced bust modelers will of course mount this bust on a custom plinth or stand of their own design and choosing. If this is the type of product you would like to see more of, please let us know on our Facebook page or simply by emailing us.

Und wo wir schon dabei sind, manchen ist vielleicht das kleinere Modell auf dem Größenvergleichsbild oben aufgefallen. Keine Neuerscheinung, aber passt gerade:

DSM_Dark_Sword_Miniatures_DiTerlizzi_Masterworks_Land_Shark_Tiefling_Bust_24 DSM_Dark_Sword_Miniatures_DiTerlizzi_Masterworks_Land_Shark_Tiefling_Bust_25 DSM_Dark_Sword_Miniatures_DiTerlizzi_Masterworks_Land_Shark_Tiefling_Bust_26 DSM_Dark_Sword_Miniatures_DiTerlizzi_Masterworks_Land_Shark_Tiefling_Bust_27

Portrait of a Young Tiefling – 11,99 USD


Der große Landshark und die Tiefling-Büste sind aus Resin, die anderen Modelle sind aus Metall. Beim Landshark gibt es zwei Optionen für die Rückenflosse.

Viele weitere Bilder, sowie die Skizzen zu den einzelnen Modellen, kann man auf ihren jeweiligen Webstore-Seiten finden.

Quelle: Dark Sword Miniatures auf Facebook

Link: Dark Sword Miniatures


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