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Dark Age: Oktober Neuheiten

Dark Age wird noch düsterer mit der Dragyri Shadow Caste. Und anderen Dingen.


For much of it’s history, Samarians have been unaware of the larger world around them. They’ve been too focused on their immediate survival to worry much about what was beyond the mountains on the horizon, or beyond the swamps. Now, that has all changed. Matthew Weaver has brought this wonderful world to life with this full-color, glossy map of the known world of Samaria. Enjoy plotting your adventures across one of the most dangerous inhabited planets in the galaxy.

Map of Samaria – 9,99 USD


Waiting to crush foes to pulp, a few dozen Tuucha’nak engines have been fully

constructed but only a handful of qualified Kukulkani have been interred within to activate some. Does your warband have the spirit to power a Tuucha’nak construct (or two) in the name of Kukulkan?

Kukulkani: Tuucha’nak – 24,99 USD


The Shadow Caste are always operating on the fringes, and keep everything very close to their chests. Consequently that have absolutely no faith in the slaves used by other Castes and instead call upon their arachnae minions to carry messages and disrupt the advance of ay enemies.

Dragyri Shadow Caste: Greater Spiderling – 14,99 USD


Skilled hunters and sly negotiators, it is the Gatherers who recruit disaffected Dragyri youth from the other Castes in order to swell their ranks. Their telepathic powers help them find their marks, and enhance their ability to remain in the shadows.

Dragyri Shadow Caste: Gatherer – 16,99 USD


For many, many years, the leader of the nefarious Shadow Caste has tugged at the web of characters and events that are spread across the desert sands of Samaria. An incredible puppet master, Amabilia, Arbiter of Chaos, has stepped out from the darkness in order to challenge for the position of Grand Arbiter of the Dragyri.

Dragyri Shadow Caste: Amabilia, Arbiter of Chaos – 16,99 USD


Yovanka, Arbiter of Balance (and sister to Amabilia), leads the Air Caste. Like their elemental focus, she is incredibly difficult to pin down. In a society that favors males, and from a caste that is considered weak, Yovanka has had to fight tooth and nail to claw her way to the top. Now all that stands between her and the Grand Arbiter position is her sister.

Dragyri Air Caste: Yovanka, Arbiter of Balance – 16,99 USD


A real must-have for Dragyri players (or those with Dragyri opponents). The Dagyri forces have been updated extensively and these cards represent those changes fully, as well as providing all the cards for the brand new Shadow Caste subfaction. Printed on linen-finish card stock, and housed in it’s own tuckbox, this 97-card deck features:


• 69 Dragyri Unit Cards – These cards provide all the stats, weapons, and special abilities for the units in each of the four Dragyri Castes. All existing units have been  updated for this 2016 release.

• 28 Dragyri Psychogenic Cards – These cards provide all the Psychogenic powers for each of the four Castes, seven cards for each.

Dragyri Card Pack 2016 – 14,99 USD


For centuries the Dragyri have fought amongst themselves as much as they have fought the humans on the surface of Samaria. Now, however, they have realized it is time to work together and elect a Grand Arbiter. Old enmities still exist, and may not be put aside thanks to the appearance of the long-awaited Shadow Caste. This 240-page, full-color, faction-focused rulebook features:


• The story of the Dragyri – in addition to the narrative, there is a lot of background information on who the Dragyri are, where they came from, and how their society is structured.
• An advancing storyline – The Dragyri have played an important role in Samarian history, both before and since The Abandonment. This ongoing tale skillfully weaves the various threads together in a compelling manner.

• Almost 20 new units for the new Shadow Caste subfaction – Like their elemental focus would suggest, the Shadow Caste are a mix of lithe assassins and brutal nightmares summoned from the very depths of terror itself.

• New Faction rules that cover the way the subfactions are structured and how they may now interact.

• World-building art – There are a lot of great art pieces that really give a feel for the Dagyri and the lands they inhabit.

Dark Age: Dragyri – 39,99 USD

Link: Cool Mini Or Not


1994 mit Warhammer ins Hobby eingestiegen und seither so manches ausprobiert. Aktuelle Projekte: Herr der Ringe (Gefährten), Epic Armageddon (Eldar), Infinity (PanOceania), Warhammer (Slaanesh gemischt), nicht unbedingt in dieser Reihenfolge.

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