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Dark Age: Februar Neuheiten

Diesen Monat gibt es drei neue Minis bei Dark Age.

SaintLuke SaintJohann TheScorpius

The forces of the Forsaken grow ever stronger with this month’s Dark Age releases! Players can look forward to the brand new mounted Saint Luke.  Saint Luke, Bastion of Faith is a fearsome opponent atop his bull, fitted to carry the massive Saint into any extreme situation. The Bull of Saint Luke is a true icon of power.
Or perhaps you are ready to follow The Heretic in to battle? The resculpt of Saint Johann gives players access to a previously limited edition figure. He is the most reviled man in Forsaken history, so it’s best he’s on your side. And you can’t have Johann without his favorite pet, The Scorpius. This unparalleled killing machine is a nightmarish work of art and makes even more sense paired with Johann knowing one of his other names is The Scorpion Saint.

  • Saint Luke      59,99 USD.
  • Saint Johann 12,99 USD.
  • The Scorpius 49,99 USD.

Link: Cool Mini or Not


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