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Customeeple: Brettspiel-Zubehör

Customeeple hat neue Brettspiel-Zubehör Releases gepostet.

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As usual we are pleased to share with all of you our latest release of boardgame and wargame products:
– Greenland Deluxe Tokens: big set of markers to improve this cult game, from our partner Sierra Madre Games.
– War Action line: a set of unofficial products perfect to improve your games of Bolt Action, which will also fit on other WWII and modern wargames. This includes, a dial with a hole for a dice perfect to account the pinned status on Bolt Action, arc of fire rule, 3 status markers with the shape of a WWII dogtag, and an artillery set to mark who shoot who.
– IMA Insert: a box insert perfect for Imperial Assault.
– Space Army rules: Unofficial shooting rules to replace the ones on Star Wars Armada, with the same size (minor difference could happens between the cardboard rules, so we make our as standard as they can be)
– Krossbattle individual tray: individual trays for games like Krosmaster so you can put your card and the miniature in a nice tray during the game. the tray includes 4 magnets so they stick together if you have more than one.
– Magical Power tokens: This set is designed to bring some color on games of elemental magic, as Magic: the Gathering, MageWars, Wizard Extreme or Pokemon.

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