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Corvus Belli: Rückkehr der historischen Minis

Corvus Belli legen ihre historische Miniaturenlinie wieder auf.


Corvus Belli would like to announce the return of our 15mm historical miniatures range. After a long absence, our miniatures return to the market with a license conceded to Totentanz Miniatures, which will produce the models that introduced Corvus Belli to the world.

“The 15mm Corvus Belli Historical miniatures have been a favorite of many enthusiasts for years. Regrettably, when Infinity became our main product we realized that we would not be able to properly maintain the development of the two lines. At that time we had to make the difficult decision of stopping the production of the figures that got us started on this great adventure. Now years later, the opportunity has come to give this great range back to the fans.

We are really thrilled that these miniatures are available again for everybody!”

Fernando Liste, CEO

Beginning this December, fans of this line will be able to enjoy the original range of the Early Roman Empire, Celts, and the Hundred Years War. These factions will be completed early 2017 along with the Iberians, Numidians, and Carthaginians, among others. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did (and still do).

Die Modelle werden von Totentanz in Lizenz gefertigt und ab Dezember in deren Shop erhältlich sein.

Quelle: Corvus Belli

Link: Totentanz Miniatures


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