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Burn In Designs: Wildwest Medizin-Wagen

Das Heilmittelchen für Schmerz und Ausschlag, Krampf und Kummer: neue Wagen für den Quacksalber in uns!


The Medicine show is one of the oldest wonders ever created. They have pills and potion, elixirs and ointments that can cure just about everything. From baldness ,to tired blood even that cold that wont seem to go away. They have you covered and even offer money back guarantee. Step right up and get the cure for what ailes you today.
   Time to add a little more character and small details to your Wild West Exodus, Malifaux or Deadlands game table. Get yours now.

Und die einzelnen Wagen:

BID_Burn_In_Designs_Medicine_Wagons_2 BID_Burn_In_Designs_Medicine_Wagons_3

Cabin Display Wagon – 13,00 USD
 Designed to display wares, perfect for fast setup, and get away, I mean packing up after an event. With wide open sides displaying bottles you are a rolling showroom.

BID_Burn_In_Designs_Medicine_Wagons_4 BID_Burn_In_Designs_Medicine_Wagons_5

Wooden Monk Brewery – 13,00 USD
For years the monks have traveled far and wide spreading the gospel of breaking bread and drinking their brew for a better healthful life. Their raised mugs can be found everywhere helping the sick and down peoples of the world to feel better. Hold your mug high and allow their brew to heal you too.

BID_Burn_In_Designs_Medicine_Wagons_7 BID_Burn_In_Designs_Medicine_Wagons_6

Wildsmith’s Floo Powder Truck – 13,00 USD
„When travelling by Floo powder it is important that you speak clearly, take care to get out at the right grate, keep your elbows tucked in, shut your eyes, don’t fidget and don’t panic.“

Do you hate flying in bad weather and high winds. Wildsmith’s Floo Powder makes this a thing of the past. Just a handful into any fire and you never have to worry about the weather again. *may cause excessive soot in fire. Use only as directed.

BID_Burn_In_Designs_Medicine_Wagons_8 BID_Burn_In_Designs_Medicine_Wagons_9

Classic Show Wagon – 13,00 USD
„Gather around my dear friends, I would like to tell you about a cure for what ails you, be it sniffles, scurvy, stomach ailments, eye sight, nervousness, gout, pneumonia, cancer, heart ailments, tiredness or plum just sick of life… Yes, sir, a bottle of Mac & Jack’s Wonder Potion will fix whatever ails you!“

Link: Burn In Designs


1994 mit Warhammer ins Hobby eingestiegen und seither so manches ausprobiert. Aktuelle Projekte: Herr der Ringe (Gefährten), Epic Armageddon (Eldar), Infinity (PanOceania), Warhammer (Slaanesh gemischt), nicht unbedingt in dieser Reihenfolge.

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