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Burn in Design: Luftschiffe

Burn in Design arbeiten an einigen Luftschiffen und zeigen auf Facebook Bilder der Prototypen.

Burn in Design_Air Ship Previews 1

Just a few of the prototypes for the new airships.

Burn in Design_Air Ship Previews 2

Airship #3 – This one is about as large as I will go for these, about 22″ overall length. The final version adds vertical winglets to the tail rather than 1 large fin. I wanted this one to feel more like a whale than a shark. I am not going to include a skin with this one. The strips are too long and I have found it is easier to cut them by hand. The wood bows flex a little making it hard to account for assembly differences. I have found that paper packing tape, the kind that needs to be wet to stick or paper drywall tape work best for covering it.

Burn in Design_Air Ship Previews 3

Skinning the large airship makes it look kind of like a flying submarine. The idea of a sky whale is about there. Maybe I will add some extra front winglets. I am going to have to come up with a second engine/fan package for this kit.
Side note question – Should I make a submarine kit using this as a base? It would be a half submerged version with a tower and a large flat deck area for placing minis. Sort of a U-boat meets Red October.

Quelle: Burn in Design auf Facebook


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