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Bolt Action: GAZ Truck mit Quad Maxim AAA MMGs

Warlord Games haben ein neues Fahrzeug für Bolt Action im Shop, der GAZ Truck mit Quad Maxim AAA MMGs.

Bolt_Action_GAZ_Truck_01 Bolt_Action_GAZ_Truck_02 Bolt_Action_GAZ_Truck_03

Bring the devastating Quad mounted MMG to bare against your opponent with the new Soviet Tokarev 4M Quad Maxim on Gaz-AAA Truck.

The only mobile AA vehicles the Red Army had in numbers at the beginning of Barbarossa in 1941 were truck-mounted examples of the Tokarev 4M Model 1931 quadruple Maxim machine gun. Used throughout the war with later units added to with the American-built M17 half-track.

The quad-mounted anti-aircraft Maxim was developed in 1930 and tested alongside several other quad-, triple- and dualmount weapons, before being adopted by the Red Army in 1931. The water-cooled Maxims were heavy to start with and mounting four of them on a hefty enough pedestal to absorb their recoil produced a weapon that was only suitable for static emplacement or mounting in the back of a truck. Principal service: 1941–45. Numbers manufactured: Unknown.

Preis: 22.00 GBP

Bolt Action ist unter anderem bei unseren Partnern Radaddel und Fantasy Warehouse erhältlich.

Die deutschsprachige Community zu Bolt Action erreicht ihr unter BoltAction.de.

Quelle: Warlord Games


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