Blood Bowl: Neue Schiedsrichter

Für Blood Bowl sind zwei neue Schiedsrichter-Modelle angekündigt, die bei Forgeworld erscheinen werden.

BB_Blood_Bowl_Referees_1 BB_Blood_Bowl_Referees_2

“Hey, Jim, did you see the Full Beard Cup this weekend?”

“I’m afraid not, Bob. I’m sure I’ll catch the Cabalvision reruns, though. Frankly, I’m surprised they didn’t ask us to commentate!”

“Yeah, they had a pair of namby-pamby humans instead. From the look of ’em, they’d never last a second on the pitch!”

“Well, not all of us are such naturals, Bob. Anyway, how was it to spectate for once?”

“It was real nice, Jim. And I’m telling you, there was some seriously dirty play. One team – Wood Elves, can you believe it – had ten players sent off over the weekend!”

“That’s an average of two per game… talk about filthy!”

“Yeah, the fans loved it, but the commissioners weren’t happy. I hear they’re recruiting some new referees!”

“Ooh, interesting. I imagine they’re going for big, strapping types like yourself, all the better to keep order?”

“Uh, well… I guess they don’t wanna spend that much gold…”

Die Modelle sollen noch vor Weihnachten erscheinen.

Link: Warhammer Community

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