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Armies Army: 15mm Cold War Kickstarter

Mit dem Armies Army Kickstarter sollen Briten und Soviets in Winteruniform zur Zeit des kalten Krieges finanziert werden, im 15mm Maßstab.

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First off, thank you for looking at my Kick starter campaign! I hope it serves you well.

Around two or three years ago and after several years making a range of 15mm Sci Fi figures I began investigating creating a range of 15mm figures for the Cold War era. I began to research several scenarios including the Nato Northern Flank, British Army on the Rhine and began modelling several vehicles to represent the nations involved. The fruition of this work finalised with the release of my Soviet Airborne VDV (Vozdushno-desantnye voyska) force, which is comprised of infantry units, Artillery, APC and Tank Destroyers. They were recently reviewed by the breakthrough assault group whom are the largest Flames of War group/bloggers . I can quote them – ‚as good as ‚ Battlefront figurines. A full interview and supportive comments can be found at their podcast home http://breakthroughassault.libsyn.com/

Armies Army_Kickstartercampaign Winter Uniform 1

The VDV release includes the BMD 1 and 1 P, ASU-85 and a soon to be released company level infantry force. These are all 1:100 or 15mm scale and the infantry do match popular figures such Forged in Battle and can be used with Flames of War miniatures etc.

With the successful launch of these figures I’ve started to look at my next release and after hours of thought and discussions I’ve decided upon my most favourite force and closest to my heart the British Army (plus a little VDV Soviet Airborne to allow for quick start battles), however with a slightly different trait in that Ill be working on ‚Winter uniforms‘ I think they look cooler and take me some what away from the ’norm‘. Its not snow suits, however more representative of cold weather gear which was often worn.

Armies Army_Kickstartercampaign Winter Uniform 2

Why kickstarter? Well a couple of reasons. Funding gives me the ability to release a FULL range of infantry and vehicles and secondly it provides me with an awesome marketing platform which can help calculate demand via the reward system and more importantly plan accordingly all of which are important to me. I want to set a plan and to stick to it!

To help I have in place several elements which should give me the necessary capability to stick to the plan.

First I have ran a successful kickstarter and had plenty of lessons learned. I had some challengers in that I was reliant on others to produce my figures. This reliance has been vastly reduced as I now have the capacity to produce my own metal parts and figures.

I am not starting from scratch. The infantry are to be created from a series of dollies, which have already been mastered and readied. The sculptor will simply create the upper torso and use metal dolly heads, weapons and dolly legs to create the forces. This will greatly speed up the process.

Armies Army_Kickstartercampaign Winter Uniform 3 Armies Army_Kickstartercampaign Winter Uniform 4

British Dollies andSoviet Dollies

My mold maker is an old hand and his business is ‚mold making‘. Importantly he lives within 15 minutes of me. This again allows me to simply drive over to drop items off and pick items up.

I have several 3d models already created. The most recent models have been described as the best yet for printing and mold making by the guys themselves. I am using the same guys. I have a tried and tested 3d printer of the highest quality ready for use and have now used for a number of years ironing out any previous issues. The print and clean ups are of the highest quality and amongst the best out there in my opinion and many others!

Armies Army_Kickstartercampaign Winter Uniform 5

3d Print Quality!

The first goal I want to achieve is enough figures and vehicles to represent an infantry company, mechanised infantry company or a tank regiment for the British and an airborne company for the Russian VDV airborne. This is based upon a platoons 3 rifle sections and a HQ section. If mechanised, each section has an APC.

For the British the Armoured Personal Carrier will be the FV432 with crew (resin hull and metal parts)

Armies Army_Kickstartercampaign Winter Uniform 6


The main battle tank will be the venerable Chieftain tank with crew (resin hull and metal parts)

Armies Army_Kickstartercampaign Winter Uniform 7

Chieftain MBT Render

The infantry will be in winter cold weather uniform, Mk V ‚turtle‘ helmet, 58 pattern webbing and the L1A1 SLR rifle. Each section will also carry the GPMG and 84 MM MAW ‚Carl Gustav‘ . They are representative of the cold war period up to around 1988 and probably even a little later given the speed it takes to change uniforms etc.

The platoon HQ will have 2 officers, 1 Radioman, 1 light Mortar and a Medic

The Soviet VDV Airborne Armoured Personal Carrier will be the BMD-1 or BMD-1P (All metal parts)

Armies Army_Kickstartercampaign Winter Uniform 8


The ASU-85 Tank Destroyer (resin hull and metal parts)

Armies Army_Kickstartercampaign Winter Uniform 9

ASU 85 – Master

The infantry will be in winter cold weather uniform, armed with AK rifles, RPK’s, RPG’s with mixed helmets and Ushanka hats. The command HQ consists of officers, radio man, medic and a political officer!

The majority of these Soviet VDV are already in the production cycle and will be available at my shop before this Kickstarter finishes. I will also offer new troops and vehicles through the kickstarter rewards and these will be available at the special kickstarter price. Anyone whose reward includes only items that are already available will be shipped immediately on success 🙂

Again these are representative of the cold war period, however are quite suitable as most soviet bloc force troops for a number of years later and can even be used as forces for today’s world.

Armies Army_Kickstartercampaign Winter Uniform 10

VDV Sculpted Greens


The reward pricing seems a little odd at first glance, however I am trying to provide rewards based on a troop, section, platoon or company so that explains the odd price levels. I have tried to allow for separate British and VDV options and also some starter game rewards which include both forces. I am quite happy to offer others on request. I’m hoping it makes the most sense as opposed to selecting rewards by a set of fixed prices.


As every stretch goal is achieved I will increase the range of options available as part of your reward and create some new rewards. These will also include the special kickstarter reductions. They will also be made available as addons. A series of stretch goals have been planned and if successful will allow you to represent an even greater force with numerous variants. I am happy to listen to alternatives 🙂

I will also be offering addons for all individual elements on top of your rewards at the same discounted price. This will enable you to purchase exactly what you require for your personal OOB.

Stretch goals will be an option to anyone who has pledged £25 or more. They will be added to reward choices or additional addons

>>>>>>>>>> £2700 TARGET REACHED!!!!!

>>>>>>Reached!!! British 2 man Sniper Team, VDV sniper team

>>>>>>Reached!!! British Sustained Fire GPMG team, VDV ALG team

>>>>>>Reached!!! British Milan ATGM team and VDV Sagger team

>>>>>>Reached!!! British Air to Air BlowPipe Team and ZSU-23-2

>>>>>>Reached!!! Set of Stowage for that ‚in the field‘ look

>>>>>>Reached!!! Landrover and UAZ 469

>>>>>>Reached!!! Scimitar / Scorpion Armoured Recce Vehicle

>>>>>>Reached!!! Challenger 1 MBT

>>>>>>>£4500 FV433 Abbot SPG

>>>>>>>£4800 FV432 81mm Mortar Carrier

>>>>>>>>£5100 FV438 SwingFire

>>>>>>>>£6000 4 man SAS Troop , 4 man Spetnaz

>>>>>>>>£6700 Fox Armoured Car


All pledges will also be allowed to purchase add-ons at the discounted price. Discounts vary between 5 and 10 % off retail price. Additional sets may vary as more stretch goals are reached. Shipping varies on location and size of pledge. Shipping will be kept as minimal as possible. I have listed below the first set of stretch goals I would like to achieve

Add ons are available at the following prices. Shipping will be calculated if in addition in size/weight of the reward. This price is a special kickstarter price

British Troops

Infantry section 8 men = £3.20

Infantry HQ 5 men = £2.00

FV432 APC =£6

Chieftain MBT = £8.00

Challenger MBT =£9.00

British MBT Chieftain Troop = £23

British mechanised infantry platoon = £35

British Mechanised Company HQ = £35

British MBT Company Chieftain = £107

British Mechanised Infantry Company = £127

British Sniper Section (6 men) £2.20

British GPMG sustained Fire Section (6 crew 3 guns) £3.40

British Milan ATGM Section(6 crew 3 guns) £2.80

British BlowPipe Section (6 men) £2.20

Soviet VDV Airborne

Infantry section 8 men = £3.20

Infantry HQ 5 men = £2.00

BMD 1 = £5.50

BMD 1P =£5.50

ASU 85 = £6.50

Soviet VDV mechanised Airborne platoon = £30

Soviet VDV Tank Destroyer Troop =£19

Soviet Tank Destroyer Company = £63

Soviet Airborne Mechanised Infantry Company =£104

Soviet VDV Sniper Section (6 men) £2.20

Soviet VDV AGS-17 Section (6 crew 3 guns) =£3.40

Soviet ATGM Section(6 crew 3 guns) £2.80

Soviet ManPad Section (6 men) £2.20

Shipping will be calculated on total weight and size depending on final awards/addons you would like

Preparation and Shipping

As mentioned the VDV are nearly 100% ready. They need to be cast and shipped depending on any additional stretch goals reached.

The British forces are also many weeks into the process. The 3d sculpting of the Chieftain MBT and FV432 are completed and awaiting printing. Other stretch goals are also readied for printing. The infantry dollies have been master cast and ready for assembly and final sculpting. All of this preparation will allow myself to start shipping well before the May deadline, however experience tells me to allow for extra time for unforeseen issues out of my control such as success! Yes a massive success has successful scuppered many a good kickstarter and I’ve put as much as I can into place to account for this, including the use of a bulk caster of miniature casting fame:) If I successfully reach all of my stretch goals then that would mean a massive success and this might add a week or two in addition. This will mean though that you have far more options in your rewards:)

Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or suggestions. I aim to add stretch goals depending on feedback! Ill try my best to do what you want to see!

Finally many thanks for looking!

best regards


Die Kampagne steht aktuell bei 4.758,00 GBP und läuft noch 23 Tage.

Quelle: Armies Army: 15mm Cold War Kickstarter


Nils, Redakteur bei Brückenkopf-Online. Seit 2001 im Hobby, erstes Tabletop: DSA Armalion. Aktuelle Projekte, Eldar für Warhammer 40.000, Imperial MoW für Warzone, ein bisschen Shadespire und zu viele unbemalte Modelle.

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  • Holladiho! Die sind echt gut. Eigentlich nix für mich, aber vielleicht für ein schönes Pulp oder Agentenszenario?

  • Die Panzer sind schon schick, aber die Figuren sind mir zu Hero-Maßstab. Was alle nur immer mit dem Hero-Zeug haben…geht absolut nicht an mich.
    Aber wie sagt der Baier:“ Wenns schee macht“

    • Hmmm. Das ist genau das Argument, warum ich ArmysArmy eigentlich mag. Endlich mal keine spirreligen Figürchen.

      Also mir gefällts! Das wird gebackt.

    • Sie wären dumm wenn sie keinen Hero-Stil mitmachen.
      Die Truescale Fraction bleibt IMHO doch eher bei 20mm, wegen dem guten Angebot an detailierten Fahrzeugen.
      Für 15mm hat Battlefront und Skytrex doch eigentlich den Hero-Stil vor Jahren schon gesetzt.
      Battlefront fängt gerade Cold War an, scheitert aber ziemlich übel an der Auslieferung. Viele Shops wissen nicht wann sie ihr Zeug kriegen, manche Dinge sind nach hinten verschoben worden, die Produkte die fertig sein sollten sind es nicht, für viele sind Veröffentlichungsdaten noch nicht mal angekündigt.
      Da jetzt als Zweithersteller reinzuziehen – vor allem wenn man auch vorher schon in dem Bereich unterwegs war – ist wirtschaftlich doch extrem clever.
      Ich spiele es gerade ziemlich gerne, nutze aber 6mm anstatt 15mm. Ansonsten wäre ich hier mit einer Vollbestellung dabei gewesen. Die Sachen die ich bisher von ihnen gesehen habe, sind wirklich hübsch.

      • Also Battlefront hat sich doch von den früheren Heroic-Stil deutlcih entfernt. Natürlich produzieren sie immer noch fürs Wargamming und nicht für den Modellbau, aber die neuen Plastiksachen und teilweise auch neuere Zinnfiguren sind deutlich schmäler als frühere Figuren (britische Paras, anyone?). Skytrex hat – bei den Figuren die ich habe – auch nicht diesen extremen großkopferten Stil vom frühen BF. Bei ArmiesArmy passt GZG eigentlich als Vergleich, was die Figurengröße angeht.

        An Armies Army kann man die Details der Waffen kritisieren, die sind oftmals nicht so detailliert oder geometrisch gestaltet wie bei anderen Herstellern, aber im Großen und Ganzen auch noch in Ordnung. Alternative Infanteristen gibt es evtl. mit den Briten für den Falklandkrieg von Fireforce 15 bei OldGloryUK – aber kA, ob die von Ausrüstung etc. passen.

  • Also der kickstarter ist schon clever positioniert. Aktuell ist Battlefront ja mit seinem Team Yankee recht erfolgreich gestartet, bietet aber noch eine überschaubare Anzahl an Miniaturen. Da ist es geschickt, jetzt mit den Sachen zu werben, die man bei BF noch nicht bekommt, wie eben die Briten, die erst gegen Ende des Jahres erscheinen sollen. Oder die sovjetischen Luftlandetruppen, die noch nicht mal von BF angekündigt sind.

    Insgesamt sind das bei den Fahrzeugen schicke Modelle, keine Frage. Bei der Infanterie bin ich aber noch unsicher – auf dem einen Bild erkennt man leider nicht viel. Da will ich erst Battlefronts WW III Infanterie im Vergleich sehen. Die erscheint ja die Tage.

  • Cold War lässt mich leider ziemlich kalt, ich weiß auch nicht warum, aber alle historischen Szenarien nach dem zweiten Weltkrieg können mich nicht so recht begeistern.

    Das gezeigte sieht dennoch gut aus, würd mir aber auch mehr Bilder wünschen, grad von der Infanterie.

    • auf der hompeage von armiesarmy (google-fu findet diese schnell), sind viel mehr Bilder zu bereits fertigen Minis, die einen guten Überblick über die zu erwartende Qualität geben. Und die ist nicht schlecht!

  • Nicht mein, also überhaupt nicht. Aber 15mm, und daher eine weitere Möglichkeit meine Sammlung auszubauen. Wenn die schön sind, finden die den Weg in meine Sammlung…

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