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Archon Studio: Vanguard of War Gewinnspiel

Da der neue Kickstarter von Archon Studio in weniger als 10 Tagen beginnt, gibt es auf Facebook noch ein kleines Gewinnspiel und nochmal einige Probegüsse neben einer Figur von LOAD.

Archon Studio_Vanguard of War Pale Rider Preview

With Vanguard of War campaign going live in a bit over 10 days from now, we decided to start with some nice gifts for those who follow our progress.
Since we already had test production runs for most of VoW minis, for start we are giving away Pale Rider Overlord miniature! Like, Share and comment on this post and on 2nd day of January we will announce a winner and send him/her Pale Rider miniature immediately.
Good Luck!

Archon Studio_Vanguard of War LOAD Scale Preview 1 Archon Studio_Vanguard of War LOAD Scale Preview 2 Archon Studio_Vanguard of War LOAD Scale Preview 3 Archon Studio_Vanguard of War LOAD Scale Preview 4

Archon Studio_Vanguard of War LOAD Scale Preview 5 Archon Studio_Vanguard of War LOAD Scale Preview 6 Archon Studio_Vanguard of War LOAD Scale Preview 7 Archon Studio_Vanguard of War LOAD Scale Preview 8

Archon Studio_Vanguard of War LOAD Scale Preview 9 Archon Studio_Vanguard of War LOAD Scale Preview 10

We are working on minis for VoW and the plan is to have test production runs for all of them in order to make sure we can provide best possible quality in final product even before Kickstarter goes live. Now, here is a little poem we wrote for VoW!
Vanguard of War
They called it the Rise
But it began with a fall,
A cult opened a portal
And doomed us all.
Demons spilled forth
And began their reign,
Where once stood a city
Only Whispers remain.
They nearly conquered the world
Devouring kingdoms in a day,
Their march was unstoppable
Until Fateera joined the fray.
With its mighty militia
Masters of magic and steel,
Fateera engaged the demons
And brought them to heel.
The demons fled to the Whispers
Defeated, but not gone,
They prepared their next move
While a new army was spawned.
They forged a terrible weapon
A device of immense power,
So the militia stole it
And fled from its tower.
Now the militia is trapped
The demon armies closing in,
The weapon must be used
To have any chance to win.
They stand outside a ruined church
The weapon’s new shrine.
They are the Vanguard
And they will hold the line.
VOW is game of defense
With demons to contend,
Protect the church
Or all life will end.
Four brave heroes
Shall hold the line,
Co-Op of up to 4 players
Their goals are aligned.
On January 10th
The battle will begin
On Kickstarter,
Where rewards are within.
Not just promises
Archon makes its stand,
With physical miniatures
Already in hand.
Containing the sharpest of details
Only Unicast can provide,
There’s not a shelf in the world
They won’t be displayed on with pride.
So come forth in 2017
And bask in the splendor,
Of a game so close to completion
Its Kickstarter is post-render!
On the pictures below, you can see production samples of some of the VoW minis next to LOAD hero miniature of Vashara!

Quelle: Archon Studio auf Facebook


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