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Archon Studio: Vanguard of War angekündigt

Archon Studio, Erschaffer des erfolgreichen „LOAD“ Brettspiel-Kickstarters stellen auf Facebook ein neues Projekt vor: Vanguard of War!


Einige Infos über Vanguard of War, die wir für euch zusammentragen konnten:

  • „Fantasy/sci-fi co-op protect-the-objective survival game“
  • 1-4 Spieler.
  • Spieler kontrollieren Helden, die Tower-Defense-ähnlich anstürmende Dämonenhorden besiegen müssen.
  • Es gibt ein Upgrade-System für die Helden.
  • Kickstarter soll im Q1 2017 kommen.
  • Beim letzten Kickstarter wurden EU-Backer aus der EU beliefert…
  • …und respektable 215.471 USD eingespielt


Das Spielbrett (Änderungen vorbehalten):


Here is a current version of the game board for Vanguard of War, where heroes will take a stand against Demons to defend a weapon located inside the church in the middle!

Die Helden-Karten:

AS_Archon_Studio_Vanguard_of_War_Kickstarter_Ankündigung_32 AS_Archon_Studio_Vanguard_of_War_Kickstarter_Ankündigung_30 AS_Archon_Studio_Vanguard_of_War_Kickstarter_Ankündigung_31 AS_Archon_Studio_Vanguard_of_War_Kickstarter_Ankündigung_33

Vanguard of War hero sheets are made from two separate cards. Each of them can be evolved during the game to strengthen the hero. Today we are showing you both normal and upgraded versions of the left side cards belonging four base game heroes.

Nun Bilder und Informationen zu den Miniaturen:

AS_Archon_Studio_Vanguard_of_War_Kickstarter_Ankündigung_4 AS_Archon_Studio_Vanguard_of_War_Kickstarter_Ankündigung_8

AS_Archon_Studio_Vanguard_of_War_Kickstarter_Ankündigung_5 AS_Archon_Studio_Vanguard_of_War_Kickstarter_Ankündigung_6 AS_Archon_Studio_Vanguard_of_War_Kickstarter_Ankündigung_7

The ZX-35 Tactical Engagement Suit was designed with durability in mind. Capable of operating during prolonged offensives, the suit boasts impressive firepower while requiring little maintenance in the field. This winter, the ZX-35 and its pilot, Sgt. Specks, will be tested like never before…
On the Vanguard.

Vanguard of War – Sgt. Specks
There’s little Sgt. Sebastian Specks and his X-35 Tactical Engagement Suit have not seen on the battlefield. Specks’ wealth of experience has earned him the respect of both his men as well as the top brass.

AS_Archon_Studio_Vanguard_of_War_Kickstarter_Ankündigung_9 AS_Archon_Studio_Vanguard_of_War_Kickstarter_Ankündigung_10 AS_Archon_Studio_Vanguard_of_War_Kickstarter_Ankündigung_11

Emissary from the Sorcerers of Bel, Ashira was invaluable in securing the demon’s secret weapon. Her mastery of magic will surely secure her a seat on the Belish High Council, assuming she can make it out of the Whispers alive. And it will be up to players to utilize her abilities in the best way possible!

AS_Archon_Studio_Vanguard_of_War_Kickstarter_Ankündigung_12 AS_Archon_Studio_Vanguard_of_War_Kickstarter_Ankündigung_13

One of the heroes you will have at your disposal in Vanguard of War is Xik’krik.
Xik’krik survived the great collapse of the tunnels that were his homeland, leading his people to the safety of Fateera. There is nothing he won’t do to seek vengeance upon the demons and ensure the survival of his species.

AS_Archon_Studio_Vanguard_of_War_Kickstarter_Ankündigung_14 AS_Archon_Studio_Vanguard_of_War_Kickstarter_Ankündigung_15 AS_Archon_Studio_Vanguard_of_War_Kickstarter_Ankündigung_16

Demons in the world of Vanguard of War come in all shapes and sizes but can be categorized into three general groups: Minions, Abominations, and Overlords. Today we’re going to look at one of the Minions: the Brute.

Like many among the demon armies, Brutes are the result of genetic manipulation, haphazard engineering, and some of the more unsavory areas of necromancy. Designed with endurance in mind, Brutes gladly take hits meant for their masters. They serve as a gruesome wall of flesh and metal for more powerful demons.

AS_Archon_Studio_Vanguard_of_War_Kickstarter_Ankündigung_17 AS_Archon_Studio_Vanguard_of_War_Kickstarter_Ankündigung_18 AS_Archon_Studio_Vanguard_of_War_Kickstarter_Ankündigung_19 AS_Archon_Studio_Vanguard_of_War_Kickstarter_Ankündigung_20

Harvesters have been known to extract organs from their own dead with disturbing enthusiasm. They secure organs, bones and even skin from their victims, leaving little behind. Although many have tried to find out, it is still not known what Harvesters do with the flesh they steal. Get on Vanguard and face Harvesters and the rest of the Demons in hart of Whispers!

AS_Archon_Studio_Vanguard_of_War_Kickstarter_Ankündigung_21 AS_Archon_Studio_Vanguard_of_War_Kickstarter_Ankündigung_22

AS_Archon_Studio_Vanguard_of_War_Kickstarter_Ankündigung_23 AS_Archon_Studio_Vanguard_of_War_Kickstarter_Ankündigung_24 AS_Archon_Studio_Vanguard_of_War_Kickstarter_Ankündigung_25

In VoW, Overlords are greater demons who serve as the lieutenants and generals of the demon armies. Defeating an Overlord is an impressive feat and doing so heralds the impending conclusion of a Tier.
Today we present to you the Taskmaster! This 6.5cm monstrosity (WIP size) will be a worthy challenge for any group of heroes.

AS_Archon_Studio_Vanguard_of_War_Kickstarter_Ankündigung_26 AS_Archon_Studio_Vanguard_of_War_Kickstarter_Ankündigung_27 AS_Archon_Studio_Vanguard_of_War_Kickstarter_Ankündigung_28 AS_Archon_Studio_Vanguard_of_War_Kickstarter_Ankündigung_29

One of the feared Abominations of Vanguard of War, Felstrafers appear to be ambidextrous, striking their target with both guns with equal precision.

Link: Archon Studio auf Facebook


1994 mit Warhammer ins Hobby eingestiegen und seither so manches ausprobiert. Aktuelle Projekte: Herr der Ringe (Gefährten), Epic Armageddon (Eldar), Infinity (PanOceania), Warhammer (Slaanesh gemischt), nicht unbedingt in dieser Reihenfolge.

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  • Archon Studio,
    aka Prodos Games.

    Ist Load denn schon ausgeliefert oder nur gut finanziert wurden? Hab den nicht aktiv verfolgt.

    • Auf Messen war es bereits fertig zu sehen (incl der Produktionsminis) und das letzte Update hat eine Auslieferung für Ende des Monats angekündigt, was also vor dem Start des neuen Projekts wäre:

      „Boxes for Epic minis should be delivered to us by the end of next week. As they are the last piece required, we will be ready to start shipping as soon as we have them. We should have exact starting date in next update but by the current state of things, first packages should be sent out in a week starting with November 21st.“


      Man mag von Archon/Prodos halten was man will, LOAD wirkt mit seinen wöchentlichen Updates und dem bisherigen Zeitplan sehr solide.

      • Irgendwann mussten sie sich ja nach oben entwickeln aber es ist angenehm zu hören das sie es recht schnell hin bekommen haben.

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