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A Miniature For Life

Bei Indiegogo läuft derzeit eine Kampagne für zwei kranke Mädchen aus England.

What We Need & What You Get

Annamaria is a young pretty 12 year old girl from London. She was diagnosed with a large cancerous tumour in her chest, but is a great joy and has a strong will to fight on. She is an avid Harry Potter fan, so Francesco decided to sculpt her during a spell cast dressed like a Hogwarts student.

Poppy is an adorable 4 year old girl from Beaconsfield. She is little and cute, but also combative! Poppy was diagnosed with lung and abdominal cancer. At every surgery and chemio session, Poppy has her little elephant to help her against the enemy.

A_Miniature_For_Life_1 A_Miniature_For_Life_2

Both models have just been printed and are ready for moulding. Models are resin made and 54 mm scale, so Annamaria is tall about 40 mm and poppy about 25 mm.

We are now commencing the resin mass production phase of this project. What we need is your support for these little girls and their families. In return for helping us with your contributions, you will receive a resin copy of both Annamaria and Poppy

You can find more info about Annamaria and Poppy on Poppy’s Angel facebook page: POPPY’S ANGELS

Annamaria and Poppy have fought side-by-side together against cancer these past months, so in true nature of their combined efforts, the models of the two girls will be sold as a pair.

All the money raised by the campaign will go to the Poppy’s Angels support funds.

The only cost we need to cover is about resin cast.
The models have been sculpted by Francesco Pizzo (from Ghamak) and digitally printed by Emiliano Mancini (from Maki Games), David Coates will produce these in resin, and Paul Bullock (Poppy’s father) will ship them to your home.

What will doing with these money?

By purchasing these models, you will be helping Annamaria and Poppy. With the exception of recovering the cost for the resin cast process (about 500 euro), all the money collected will go to helping the families of the little girls.

Die Kampagne muss ihr Ziel noch erreichen, es bleiben 3 Tage. Das Modellset kostet 22,00 Dollar.

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