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Zealot Miniatures: Neue Modelle

Zealot Miniatures zeigen bemalte Modelle.

Zealot Minatures bemalte Modelle 1 Zealot Minatures bemalte Modelle 2

Elkor ‚Fire Bolt‘ , Adventuring Wizard – 5,99 Pfund

A young and eager wizard named Elkor, earned the nickname ‚Fire Bolt‘ from his innate skill at casting destructive fire spells at his foes. He often summons his fire-hawk named Sparks, during quests or dungeon exploration.

He is often asked by those he meets, why does he not have a grand, long wizard beard. To which he replies „Why dont you try casting fire spells all day with a fuzzy, floppy, highly combustible beard, and see how long it lasts!“

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Warrior Priest – 6,99 Pfund

This guy isn’t your average preacher. Don’t expect long boring sermons and clouds of foul smelling incense. As he blesses troops with his robotic arm, he holds a vicious chainsaw at rest, and by the looks of him; he knows how to use it!

A warrior priest combines the roles of a commanding officer and a spiritual leader on the battlefield. They administer religious battlefield blessings and are responsible for the morale well-being of their flock.

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  • Der erste kommt mir bekannt vor; fast, als hätte ich ihn in einem Dungeon-Einrichtungsparadies gesehn 😀
    Schöne Minis und gut bemalt.

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