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X-Wing: IG-2000 Expansion und neues FAQ

Fantasy Flight Games lassen gleich vier Versionen des Assasinen-Droiden IG-88 in ihren jeweiligen Schiffen auf die Geschwader bei X-Wing los und die Bären haben ein neues FAQ.

FFG_X-Wing IG-2000 1

“You want me to describe the inside of IG-2000? It’s cold and metal and a little bit of evil. Just like its pilot.”
–Dash Rendar

The Aggressor and Its Maneuver Dial

The Aggressor is no freighter, shuttle, or support ship. It’s a powerful assault fighter designed expressly for space combat and loaded with potent power cores and weapons systems.

In X-Wing, the Aggressor is an agile, tough, and hard-hitting fighter with a balanced stat array of three Attack, three Agility, four Hull, and four Shields. Additionally, the Aggressor’s action bar features the focus, target lock, and evade actions, as well as the boost action, making it the first large-base ship in X-Wing to feature the boost action natively.

FFG_X-Wing IG-2000 2

All these stats and actions make the Aggressor an intimidating fighter to have bearing down upon you, but the real key to the ship is its loaded maneuver dial.

The Aggressor is able to perform every single straight maneuver, bank, or turn at speeds “1” and “2,” and most of them are green. Then, at speed “3,” the Aggressor features three green maneuvers, one straight and two banks, as well as two Segnor’s Loop maneuvers. Finally, the Aggressor also features a speed “4” Koiogran-turn.

FFG_X-Wing IG-2000 3

Altogether, the Aggressor’s fully loaded maneuver dial ensures that you’ll always have one or two good maneuver options. Your opponent will never know exactly what to expect.

On the other hand, you’re going to need all the maneuverability and element of surprise that the Aggressor offers because it only features a forward firing arc. You don’t have a turret weapon or rear firing arc to help you compensate for botched maneuvers. Certainly, you can use your illicit upgrade slot to equip a “Hot Shot” Blaster or Feedback Array. However, you’ll still want to focus on your flying, as these upgrades are for limited use only.

In many ways, then, the Aggressor is the first large-base ship that’s all about its maneuvers, and that might just make it the most “natural” of the large-base ships yet to arrive to a miniatures game that is – at its heart – all about outmaneuvering your opponent in order to get the ideal shot.

Of course, its pilots are anything but natural…

IG-88 and the IG-2000

The IG-2000 Expansion Pack comes with four ship cards, all of which present different, unique models of the deadly assassin droid IG-88. Each comes with a pilot skill value of “6” and costs thirty-six squad points, but the four models are clearly differentiated by their unique pilot abilities.

FFG_X-Wing IG-2000 4 FFG_X-Wing IG-2000 5 FFG_X-Wing IG-2000 6 FFG_X-Wing IG-2000 7

  • As assassin droids, all the different IG-88 models are excellent killers. However, IG-88A also boasts a unique pilot ability that allows him to excel not only at killing, but also at surviving. Each time he destroys an enemy, IG-88A recovers one shield.
  • IG-88 earned a reputation as a bounty hunter who always delivered, and this consistency is reflected in IG-88B’s unique pilot ability, which functions almost like a built-in Gunner. Once per round, if he performs an attack that does not hit, IG-88B can perform an attack with an equipped cannon upgrade. Notably, you can use the same cannon twice, so if you miss, for example, with an Ion Cannon, you can fire that Ion Cannon again, aiming for a better result.
  • IG-88C is the slipperiest of the four models, gaining a free evade action each time he performs a boost action. After all, despite all of his strength and armor plating, it was the speed and scope of IG-88’s superior intelligence that truly made him such a lethal threat, and if he’s equipped with Push the Limit or Experimental Interface, IG-88C can perform as many as three actions, easily clearing his stress token each round by performing one of his many green maneuvers.
  • The fourth and final of the IG-88 models, IG-88D adds two more maneuvers to the Aggressor’s already astonishing dial. However, IG-88D’s ability goes beyond the mere addition of two three-speed Sengor’s Loop maneuvers; it allows him a choice at the moment he executes his maneuver. Accordingly, if he has a higher pilot skill value than his target, IG-88D can subtly adjust his maneuver from a three-bank Sengor’s Loop to a three-turn Segnor’s Loop. In turn, this may give him the edge he needs to catch a rival within a firing arc that otherwise may have just missed.

Finally, as deadly and talented as each of these IG-88 models are on their own, the IG-2000 Title upgrade allows them to link their abilities.

Accordingly, we’re likely to see a number of solid squad builds that feature two copies of the IG-2000. Imagine, for example, the staying power that you’d gain by linking IG-88A’s ability with that of IG-88C. Equip both with Push the Limit, and you’ll have two high-powered ships that can potentially boost, evade, focus, and recover shields round after round.

FFG_X-Wing IG-2000 8

Alternately, you could link IG-88C with IG-88D and equip both with Advanced Sensors to field a starfighter duo whose maneuvers will be nigh impossible to predict.

FFG_X-Wing IG-2000 9

In this example, IG-88C uses his Advanced Sensors to perform a boost action before revealing a three-speed Segnor’s Loop. Realizing his maneuver (shown in red) would fail to catch the X-wing within his firing arc, IG-88C uses IG-88D’s ability to perform a three-turn Sengor’s Loop (shown in green), which catches the X-wing in arc, allowing him to shoot for the kill.

No matter which combination you choose, or even if you run just a single model of IG-88, you’re certain to find plenty of tricks among the potential combinations of pilot abilities and upgrades. Then, it’s up to you to use these tricks to outmaneuver your opponent and line up the perfect shot.

An Elite Killing Machine

Every bit as deadly as its pilot, the IG-2000 is a perfect blend of attacking power, agility, and resilience. With its myriad maneuver options, it’s also the perfect large-base ship to fly about the battlefield in an unpredictable fashion. Keep your opponent guessing.

X-Wing FAQ (Deutsch)

X-Wing Logo

Der Heidelberger Spieleverlag hat ein neues FAQ für X-Wing bereitgestellt, ihr findet die PDF-Datei hier.

X-Wing ist unter anderem bei unserem Partner Fantasy Warehouse erhältlich.

Der deutschen Vertrieb der Fantasy Flight Produkte liegt bei Heidelberger.

Link: Fantasy Flight Games


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    • Ich hab den Ton der er machte so gehasst alls Kind ( war scho gruselig ^^ )
      Und nun zur Mini ich mag das Schiff hat was in seiner hässlichkeit

  • Geht’s noch? Das Ding ist ja richtig krass!
    Das Manöverrad ist top. Die vielen grünen Manöver machen einem die Sache schon leicht.
    Nette Pilotenskills, vor allem die Schub+freie Aktion, geben auch ordentlich Bums und als ob die schräge Koiogran nicht schon heftig genug wäre kann der Kerl die auch noch mit 3er Turn…hart!
    Die Fähigkeit sich vom Kollegen den Pilot-Skill runterzuladen find ich sehr innovativ umgesetzt und strategisch interessant. Leider ist IG so teuer das man nur zwei von ihnen mitnehmen kann. Schade.
    Momentan schatze ich die S&V als sehr stark, wenn nicht zu stark, ein. Mal schauen wie se das Meta verändern und wie man auf sie reagiert.

  • Also wertetechnisch ist das Schiff top. Beinahe eine Must-Have Einheit für den Scum, wie ich mal meinen möchte. Optisch ist es für mich aber eher ein Flop. Man merkt eben, dass jetzt vermehrt Einheiten aus dem Expanded Universe kommen, die nicht mehr so gut durchdesignt sind wie die Jäger aus den Filmen.

      • Dummerweise war die IG-2000 eines der ersten Schiffe und wurde ziemlich durchdesignt. Allerdings mit Blick auf die 3-4 nichtmenschlichen Piloten.

    • Schau dir den Piloten an, dann weißt du, dass der keinen Wert auf Schönheit (aus menschlicher Sicht) legt. 😉

    • Die Jäger aus den Filmen kann man aber auch an einer Hand abzählen, da war ja nicht viel zu designen. Mein Ding ist IGs Schiff auch nicht aber hässlich ist es auch wieder nicht, zu Mal man deutlich sieht dass es nicht zur Rebellenallianz oder dem Imperium gehört. Die Scum Fraktion ist halt eigener.

  • Das Problem ist mAn das Cockpit und ein wenig das Heck – hätte er ein schöneres Cockpit (also irgendwas, dass nicht ausschaut wie ne Schaufensterscheibe (nen M3-A cockpit o.ä. würde schon reichen) und wäre das Heck nicht einfach nen Loch als Antrieb, wäre das schiff gar nicht mal schlecht…

  • Ich finde die IG-2000 ist für 36 Pkte zu stark. Die gleich teure Outrider hätte keine Chance gegen das fliegende Insekt.

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