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Wasteman: Kickstarter online

Der Kickstarter zu Wasteman, dem Post-Apokalyptischen Skirmishspiel von Thunderchild Miniatures ist gestartet.

About this project

Welcome to the Kickstarter campaign for Wasteman: A game of desperate conflicts in a desolate future! A frantic game, set amongst the ruins of a neglected and scorched earth. Engage in desperate battles between post-humans, hideous monstrosities and killer robots over the dregs of an age of gluttony. Take control of you own syndicate and test your metal against the weird and terrifying denizens of the wastes!

Thunderchild_Wasteman Kickstarter Launch 1

With your help I aim to fund the production of the Wasteman rulebook, cards, accessories and accompanying miniature range.

Wasteman miniatures are sculpted by hand to approximately 35mm scale and will be cast in metal, unless specified to the contrary. All figures will come with stat cards and token slot bases (more on these later). They will be supplied unpainted and, in some cases, unassembled.

Thunderchild_Wasteman Kickstarter Launch 2

Every pledge will receive Radical Trevor – the Kickstarter exclusive figure. A dangerous recluse exiled by his Lunar brethren for his command of the esoteric.

Thunderchild_Wasteman Kickstarter Launch 3

With the exception of ‚Free Radical‘, pledges involve a selection of miniature sets known as ‚Posse Packs‘, a copy of the rule book and a deck of M.A.D cards. This will equip you with everything you need to start playing Wasteman, though you may supplement your pledge with as many ‚add ons‘ as you would like. Simply add the cost of these to your pledge. Shortly after the campaign is complete there will be a survey form to let me know what you have chosen.

Please note that any scenery pictured is done so for display purposes only and is not included unless specifically stated otherwise.

Thunderchild_Wasteman Kickstarter Launch 4

Wasteman is a fun, easy to learn, and refreshingly crazy game! Players or ‚comrades‘ control syndicates, typically comprised of between 5 and 20 ruthless denizens of the wastes, in an attempt to vanquish their opponent, survive bizarre encounters and/or capture much needed supplies.

Thunderchild_Wasteman Kickstarter Launch 5

Packed with gorgeous illustrations, loads of background and all the rules to play Wasteman, the full colour, perfect bound rulebook comes complete with a full deck of M.A.D cards. Select as part of your pledge, or add additional sets for £22.

Thunderchild_Wasteman Kickstarter Launch 6

During a game of Wasteman, comrades take it turn to activate individual figures to perform several actions; such as attacking, moving, hiding or even bringing people back to life with the power of their mind in some cases! Figures can normally only be activated once per turn so you have real scope for strategy – goad your opponent into activating the wrong figure at the wrong time and they could be left open to all sorts of cunning shenanigans!

Once a syndicate drops below 5 figures they become desperate and the restriction for activating a figure only once in a turn is lifted. This leads to some really cinematic moments, where often lone survivors hopelessly attempt to fend off hordes of enemies and occasionally succeed! This really keeps the game fun right until the last man.

Thunderchild_Wasteman Kickstarter Launch 7

Figures take different kinds of damage – they can be spooked, crippled, seriously injured, or killed outright. To make it easier to remember what’s happened, each figure comes with a base equipped with slots and removable tokens. These are cast in high quality resin and are included with all but the largest figures. Each figure will receive 1 base out of 10 designs selected at random.

Thunderchild_Wasteman Kickstarter Launch 8

M.A.D cards really bring the crazy to the game! Each comrade receives a hand of 5 M.A.D cards that can be played at any time (for the most part) to either help yourself or hinder your opponent. There’s nothing quite like having the enemy boss abducted by aliens just before riding a conveniently timed tornado to the objective on the last turn! Though normally limited to 5 cards, you can seek the aid of traders or vending machines to top up your hand during a game leading to some very tense moment as your prize fighter sits in the middle of the battlefield kicking a coffee machine.

Thunderchild_Wasteman Kickstarter Launch 9

The cards themselves are lavishly illustrated by yours truly, and beautifully printed on quality playing card stock.

As well as a myriad of rules for hazards, mods to alter the game and a stockpile of scenarios, Wasteman has an in depth syndicate creation system, with loads of equipment, skills and Boss Rosters to choose from. Although each figure comes with a stat card, you are more than welcome to create your own and/or combine figures from different posse packs – the choices are vast!

Thunderchild_Wasteman Kickstarter Launch 10

Stat cards are beautifully printed on quality playing card stock.

Thunderchild_Wasteman Kickstarter Launch 11

Posse packs are your perfect start for a Wasteman Syndicate! They include all the figures, tokens and cards you need to get playing. Bear in mind that in Wasteman there are very few restrictions on what you can can include when creating your syndicate, so with six sets to choose from the combinations are vast!

Thunderchild_Wasteman Kickstarter Launch 12

Each set comes complete with:

  • 5x figures
  • 5x stat cards
  • 5x Token slot bases with tokens
  • 5x unique activation tokens
  • 2x 10 sided dice

You can select Posse Packs as part of your pledge, or add additional sets for £20 each.

  • Bandits: Thieves, murdereres and ruffians are nothing new, although nuclear and annihilation has opened up far  more opportunity for those of a violent pridesposition.
  • Mangle Men: After decades of nuclear irresponsibility, mutation is common amongst the remaining population. Such „post humans“ are generally feared, if not hated, and outcast from birth by their anti social societies.
  • Kritters: Fulled by a bitter rage for the washed, the pungent Kritter kings lead their legions of „pets“ on savage raids against the towns they once called home.
  • Lunar Coalition: Secretive and mysterious, the Lunar Coalition are descents of military defence contractors, untouched by the devastation, safely hidden away in their lunar fortresses.
  • Cybjörgs: Remnants of the dark days of worl war three, Cybjörgs are a bizzare combination of biomechanics and genetic engineering.
  • Militia: Whether an organised sheriff’s department, or a rag tag gang of community minded volunteers, these groups quickly become seasoned veterans when maintaining order in such a savage world.

Activation tokens come in the form of bottle caps and serve as a handy reminder of which figures have been activated during a game. Each posse pack comes with their own unique design!

Thunderchild_Wasteman Kickstarter Launch 13

Thunderchild_Wasteman Kickstarter Launch 14

From inter-dimensional monstrosities to titanic machines programmed to kill, the wastes are teaming with all kinds of creatures.

You may supplement your pledge with as many ‚add ons‘ as you would like. Simply add the cost of these to your pledge. Shortly after the campaign is complete there will be a survey form to let me know what you have chosen.

Thunderchild_Wasteman Kickstarter Launch 15

Centuries of nuclear war have left many marks on the world we once knew. Cities became craters, populations became unrecognisable monsters and species became extinct. But nothing has changed the landscape as much as the Behemoths. Huge, mutated beasts roam the wastes leaving destruction in their wake, devouring wastemen whole and crushing settlements beneath their gargantuan feet.

Cast in high quality resin, Behemoths are enormous models, devastating in combat and a great addition to your Syndicate!

Thunderchild_Wasteman Kickstarter Launch 16

Thunderchild_Wasteman Kickstarter Launch 17

Once the initial goal is exceeded, loads more add ons and freebies will be unlocked! Check back for updates as the campaign progresses!

Thunderchild_Wasteman Kickstarter Launch 18

Thunderchild_Wasteman Kickstarter Launch 19

Thunderchild_Wasteman Kickstarter Launch 20

The success of this campaign will pave the way for Wasteman to expand and evolve considerably. I currently have plans for several expansions and concepts for enough figures to keep me busy for at least four years.

Die Kampagne steht aktuell bei 6.202,00 GBP, das Ziel liegt bei 20.000,00 GBP und läuft noch 26 Tage.

Unser Interview mit dem Macher von Wasteland, Jason Fairclough, findet ihr hier.

Facebookseite: Thunderchild Miniatures auf Facebook

Link: Thunderchild Miniatures

Quelle: Wasteland Kickstarter


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      • Du schreibst zwar mitnichten in meinem Auftrag aber immerhin in meinem Sinne.
        Es ist immer wieder schön, wenn auch ältere Beiträge, in denen etwas mehr Arbeit steckt, angeklickt werden.

        Jason gibt die optimale Tischgröße mit 3′ mal 3′ (ca. 90cm mal 90cm) an. Kleinere und größere Tische funktionieren laut ihm aber auch.

  • Das Grunddesign finde ich klasse. Die Miniaturen sind auch angenehm trashig, aber ich finde für die sichtbare Qualität die Preise einen Ticken zu hoch. Ich denke nochmal drüber nach, aber momentan bin ich noch nicht überzeugt genug.

    Die Idee mit den Bases ist aber genial, finde ich.

  • Geil! Gefällt mir sehr gut. Passt prima in settings wie Judge Dredd, Gammaworld oder auch den genialen Song of Blades-Ableger „Mutants and Death Ray Guns“.

    Die Figurenqualität sieht für mich auch gar nicht so schlecht, sondern eher gewollt retro aus.

    Und ehrlich: ich finds gar nicht so teuer: 85 BP für Regelbuch, 20 Figuren mit sehr individuellen Posen (keine 20 gleichen Skelette!!!), Kartensatz und 1 exklusive Figur ist sicherlich kein Schnäppchen aber IMO völlig im Rahmen, wenn man mit der Konkurrenz vergleicht.

    • Ich vermute, dass er da einfach ein bißchen was draufschlägt um selbst noch ein wenig Bezahlung für all die Arbeit, die er da allein reingesteckt hat, rauszukriegen und sich auch den finanziellen Puffer holen will, der es ihm ermöglicht die Produktion dann über die nächste Zeit zu stemmen…
      Das ist schon völlig in Ordnung so, find ich.

  • Kann man bei dem Kickstarter jetzt eigentlich auch irgendwie das Regelbuch allein erwerben, ohne anderen Kram?

    Ich will die Regeln schon gern haben, aber als Miniaturen meine eigenen verwenden…hab also keinen Bedarf für die Truppen, die es da gibt…

    • ja/nein -zusammen mit der Sondermini (also Level eins)
      Buch gibt es dann als Addon für 22 (inc der Karten)

  • Also die Minis haben schon einen gewissen Trash Faktor, was ganz gut zum Thema passt und die Idee mit den Tokens ist auch nett, aber ob die z.B. gegen Eden ankommen ?

    • Der große Vorteil, den ich gegenüebr Eden sehe, ist das die Minis hier erheblich besser zu transportieren und deutlich leichter zu bemalen sein sollten. Das müßte Einsteiger und Leute mit wenig Zeit, zu denen ich mich auch zähle, eigentlich schon ansprechen.
      Außerdem sehen die Minis so aus als könnte ich meinen gesammlten Schatz aus drei Jahrzehnten Tabletop (40k, Rogue Trooper, Judge Dread, Killzone/Future Warriors) ohne große Probleme einbauen.

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