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Warhammer Quest: Aktionen-Preview

In einem neuen Preview zum Kartenspiel Warhammer Quest von Fantasy Flight Games wird das Kampfsystem näher vorgestellt.

Fantasy Flight Games_Warhammer Quest Announcement 1

A grinning goblin steps into view. “Dis is Grump’s place!” He waves a jagged, filth-smeared dagger at you. “Zog off, or I’z gonna shank yer wif me shank!”

In Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game, you become a hero of the Old World, tasked with discovering the cause of a plague in the town of Schompf and eradicating its foul source. Yet as you descend into the catacombs and sewers beneath the city, you will find yourself in constant danger. Ratmen and Orcs lurk beneath the city; gigantic spiders, bats, and ghouls prey on those unwise enough to wander. Every move you make risks discovery and attack. You must ensure the benefits of your actions outweigh the risk of attack.

Our announcement of Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game explored the various actions that you can perform each turn as your heroes delve into the dungeon. Then, our last preview looked at the entire game round, encompassing actions, monster attacks, dangerous locations, and the growing peril that threatens your success. Today, we explore deeper into the actions you can perform and the danger that threatens you with every move!

Fantasy Flight Games_Warhammer Quest Battle Action Preview 1

You Are Never Safe

As we’ve mentioned before, there are four main actions each hero can perform: attacking the monsters that threaten you, aiding your fellow heroes, exploring the chambers and passages in which you find yourself, and resting to recover from your injuries. Each hero has access to these actions, and although the specific effects may vary—the Waywatcher peppers her foes with an unending stream of arrows, while the Ironbreaker wades into the fray and engages as many enemies as possible—the general effects remain the same. Attacking lets you bring death to your enemies. Resting recovers wounds. Exploring continues your journey through the dungeon. Aiding another hero gives him a greater chance of success later.

Fantasy Flight Games_Warhammer Quest Battle Action Preview 2

You and your companions are mighty heroes, but every action is still fraught with danger, and success is never certain. When a hero performs an action, he rolls a number of hero dice shown on his action card. These hero dice offer a variety of results:

Fantasy Flight Games_Warhammer Quest Battle Action Preview 3

Success: This result contributes a success to your chosen action. The effects of a success vary based on the action. Each success during an attack action deals a wound to your targeted enemy. Each success on a rest action lets you recover a wound. When performing an explore action, each success places a progress on the active location. Finally, each success on an aid action lets your chosen ally claim a success token, which he can spend as a success on a future action.

Fantasy Flight Games_Warhammer Quest Battle Action Preview 4

Critical success: Each critical success result counts as a success and also allows you to reroll the die to receive more successes!

Fantasy Flight Games_Warhammer Quest Battle Action Preview 5

Defence: Each defence result reduces the number of wounds that you will receive during this action by one, giving you a shield against the danger that assaults you in the dungeon.

However, the hero dice are not the only dice you will roll when you attempt your actions in Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game. You must also roll a black enemy die for each readied enemy currently engaged with you. The enemy dice feature their own negative effects:

Fantasy Flight Games_Warhammer Quest Battle Action Preview 6

Attack: For each attack result, a readied enemy engaged with you attacks, dealing wounds equal to its attack value. The wounds you receive from enemy attacks can be reduced by defence results on the hero dice.

Fantasy Flight Games_Warhammer Quest Battle Action Preview 7

Nemesis: The nemesis result can trigger any number of insidious effects, depending on the scenario and the nemesis you’re currently battling. For instance, in the first scenario you face Odious Grump. When you roll a nemesis result with Odious Grump in play, you must distribute two wounds among the heroes, steadily weakening the adventurers. Each nemesis in the game features a different deadly effect.

Fantasy Flight Games_Warhammer Quest Battle Action Preview 8

Walk the Path of Redemption

As an example of resolving an action, Brian is playing the Warrior Priest in a two-player game as shown above. He wants to use his explore action card, Path of Redemption, to place more progress on the active location, the Sewer System. Two enemies are currently engaged with Brian: a Ghoul and a Rat Swarm.

Fantasy Flight Games_Warhammer Quest Battle Action Preview 9

The Explore action on Path of Redemption features two die symbols, allowing you to roll two hero dice.

On his turn, Brian exhausts Path of Redemption and begins resolving the card’s effects from top to bottom. The first effect on the card allows him to explore and shows two dice symbols, meaning that he rolls two hero dice when resolving this explore action. Brian gathers his two hero dice and also collects two enemy dice—one for each of the enemies engaged with him.

Brian rolls his collected dice pool and receives the following results on his hero dice: a critical success result and a success / defence result! However, he’s also rolled an attack result on one of the enemy dice, inciting an attack from one of the enemies engaged with him. Before that attack happens, however, Brian claims a success token to mark his critical success and rerolls the die. This time, he receives a single success on the die.

Fantasy Flight Games_Warhammer Quest Battle Action Preview 10

The dice are rolled and the effects are applied. Three progress is placed on the location, and the Warrior Priest takes one wound.

Now, Brian resolves the effects shown on the dice, placing three progress tokens on the Sewer System for the three successes he rolled during this action. He also suffers one wound as the Ghoul attacks him—the Ghoul has an attack value of two, but one of those wounds is canceled by Brian’s defence result.

With the dice results complete, Brian continues to resolve the effects shown on Path of Redemption by drawing and resolving a dungeon card. Dungeon cards represent events and items that your heroes may discover as they explore deeper into the caverns below Schompf. We’ll take a closer look at dungeon cards and how your hero can upgrade his abilities and gain legendary gear in a future preview.

Finally, Brian completes the last part of Path of Redemption by choosing one hero to claim a success token for free. Many effects allow players to offer success tokens or other benefits to their allies, and with enemies as unforgiving as those found in Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game, you’ll need to cooperate with your fellow heroes to survive the dangers that lurk in the shadows beneath Schompf.

Fantasy Flight Games_Warhammer Quest Battle Action Preview 11

Your Road Leads Downward

Danger lies around every bend of the tunnel in Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game. An enormous spider may ambush you as you enter a new chamber. Orcs may launch a sudden assault at the worst possible moment. Only cooperation, the strength of your arm, and your cunning in battle can see you safely through the dungeon to solve the quest and claim your spoils.

In our next preview, we’ll explore how your hero can increase in strength as the campaign goes on with specialized gear and improved action cards! For now, pre-order Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game at your local retailer today.

Der deutschen Vertrieb der Fantasy Flight Produkte liegt bei Heidelberger.

Quelle: Fantasy Flight Games


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  • Lässt mich (leider?) genauso unbefriedigt wie seinerzeit das Space Hulk Kartenspiel. Es gibt gute Kartenspiele, gute Brettspiele, gute Rollenspiele und guteTabletops.

    Warhammer Quest war eine unwiderstehlich gute Mischung aus jeweils für sich genommen gar nicht besonders guten Aspekten jedes dieser Genres.


      • Bildchen sind halt billiger als Minis. Und diese Bildchen sind noch billiger.

        Ich denke mal GW mach nur noch sowas und Lizensgurken…

      • Genau, denn still und heimlich hat GW Fantasy Flight Games gekauft, sich selbst die Lizenz zugesteckt, und verdient jetzt statt an hochwertigen, händisch von promovierten Bauingenieuren geschnitzten Mahagoniminiaturen, and billigsten Karten, die mit der YPS-Presse auf Klopapier gedruckt werden!


    • Sag das nicht so laut, sonst bringt GW nachher noch eine Warhammer Quest: Age of Sigmar Edition mit goldenen Power Rangern. Natürlich (bis zur Neuauflage im Folgejahr) streng limitiert für sagenhafte 199 €.

      Spaß bei Seite.. ich versteh bis heute nicht warum GW die teils wirklich hervorragenden Brettspiele und Spezialistensysteme nicht mehr, bzw. kaum noch bedient ;(

      • Das ist doch klar (zumindest der Logik von GW nach): wenn es die Spezialistensysteme nicht mehr gibt dann kaufen die Leute 40k / WH Fantasy oder jetzt AoS. Ich weiß nicht ob die Rechnung aufgeht: ich habe mir damals fast alle Spezialistensysteme geholt aber 40k oder WH Fantasy (oder AoS) hat mich noch nie interessiert …

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