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Voodooworx: Erstes E-Book

Voodoworx Miniatures werden demnächst ihr erste E-Book veröffentlichen.

Haurax Book

We are super excited to announce that just around the corner is the release of our first eBook.

Written by the super talented Gav Thorpe, it is the first in a series of short stories and novels that delve into the mysterious and dangerous world of Tir-Dagrau.

The Story of Hau’rax is a short story that focuses on his swift and bloody rise from eighteenth child of a simple worm farmer to infamous warlord of the Blackskull clan.

Summoned to fight when the Wildmoon Clan launches several raids into the Blackskull hunting grounds, Hau’rax is sent off with the rest of the juveniles to seek out the camp of the Wildmoon Reavers. Ambushed, Hau’rax is the only survivor, spies an opportunity and seizes it with both hands…

It will be available in ePub and Mobi formats on Amazon and iBookstore.

Link: Voodooworx@FB
Link: Voodooworx Miniatures


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