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Thon: Neue Releases

Bei Thon gibt es zwei Neuheiten.


Overlord Gith $36.00

His footfall is thunder. His voice is the soft, dry rattle of the ghrave. His name is dread in the hearts of his enemy. He is Overlord Gith, master of the Sunfury War Force and he has come to grind the Warfront beneath his indomitable tread.

Gith is equippped with a Heavy Magnum, the fearsome Firestorm Maxim and a nigh-impervious Mineral100 Kula Shield.

Includes 1 multi-part metal and resin model.


Director Graf $10.00

Starlight Tyvorus is home to the Annex, the wealthiest and most powerful financial institution in transhuman history. The Annex represents the trade interests and material wealth of every Starlight in Alliance Space as well as the largest of the unaligned Syndicate Houses; a plethora of organizations operating across the Rim Worlds and beyond. It is through the Annex that these entities communicate with the Alliance and it is Director Graf who controls the Annex.

Includes 1x multipart – Annex Director Graf

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