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The Shattered Crown: Kickstarter läuft

Der Kickstarter zu Shattered Crown läuft!

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Inspired equally by the historical conflicts and political intrigues of Britain in the 13th-16th centuries and the magic, mystery and adventure of Arthurian legend, The Shattered Crown combines the feel of fielding historical armies with none of the restrictions. Want to create your own Lord, Coat of Arms and Liveries? Go ahead! Want to add a little cinematic heroism with characters of legendary skill and bravery? Get stuck in! Want to outsmart your opponent, leading him to think you’re attacking on one flank when actually you’re about to unleash a lightning storm against his cavalry? The Shattered Crown’s unique activation system, utilising cards and bluffing, plus the extensive spell book, will allow you to do this and much more. Best of all, there’s no need to spend hundreds of pounds and hours putting together an epic force that needs a table fit for Arthur to play across, as The Shattered Crown allows you to field any size force from only a few units upwards – with a rich backstory of unfolding civil war to embed it in. Like our flagship game, Across the Dead Earth, The Shattered Crown also focuses on campaign play, allowing the advancement and complete personalisation not just of your leaders and heroes, but of every unit in your army!


Es gibt ausführliche Infos zum Spiel:

A Turn Sequence Like No Other

One of the biggest problems with recreating large battles on the tabletop is that the need for a turn sequence almost always leaves one player with either a pretty good idea or the absolute certainty of what their opponent is about to do – or at least which unit they are to act with. This all but eliminates any element of surprise from games, a tactical element of many true battles. It also makes certain manoeuvres, such as flanking an enemy unit, very difficult to achieve. The aim of The Shattered Crown’s turn sequence is to completely remove the idea of knowing what your opponent is going to do next UNLESS you can surmise it yourself. More than any other tabletop wargame we know of, The Shattered Crown makes you the general – it is not just your tactics which are put to the test, but your ability to anticipate the enemies! Each unit in your army is represented by a card ( a standard playing card is perfectly usable) which the player keeps unseen from their opponent (on the table units can be identified either by a flag with the card number on it, or a simple marker or token). Both players place face down the card representing the unit they wish to act with next. The players then attempt to guess which unit their opponent has selected and roll a dice. They then turn over their cards. If a player correctly guesses what unit their opponent selected, he adds 3 to his dice roll. The higher scorer then acts with whichever unit he selected and the card is discarded. This means that it is entirely possible for one army to fully mobilise whilst the other is left standing gawping, representing exactly how the tides of war can change on the battlefield through communication and the relaying or orders, the grasping of opportunity, or the simple morale and motivation of the troops in the army! This system has been thoroughly play tested and so far has been incredibly popular with all. Not only does it allow for some serious tactical manoeuvring, outmanoeuvring, bluffing and double bluffing, but also gives rise to many of the unexpected and exciting moments we all remember in our favourite games. It also gives rise to the occasional bout of cursing.


Know your Army – Strengths and Weaknesses

Every unit in the Shattered Crown attacks other units with a certain number of dice (see more on the combat mechanic below) as an example, most standard infantry units have 3, but every unit also has a certain circumstance or set of circumstances under which this number is DOUBLED. For example, Sword units get DD (double dice) against Spear units, whilst the Spears themselves get Double Dice against Cavalry. It is therefore very important to manoeuvre your units so that their effectiveness is maximised and their weaknesses minimised. Movement itself has been kept as simple as can be – the advantage can be achieved by the cunning and well timed use of your Leader, who is able to give one Unit per turn a specific and special manoeuvre. These can really upset the apple cart – but they are far from guaranteed!


Never tell me the Odds

Struggle to roll 6’s? Don’t worry about it, if you desperately need to hit the high numbers to get your super-secret manoeuvre to pan out, or to get your Mage to really let fly with the fireballs, there IS something you can do. Every time your loyal army causes a casualty to the enemy, their morale increases – making those difficult and daring manoeuvres more likely to be achieved, and feeding your Mages magical energies! For every successful hit against your enemy (i.e. every time an enemy unit loses Will) you receive one Morale Pip (MP) which you can then add onto your die score when giving Manoeuvre orders or attempting to cast spells.

A Fistful of D6’s

All dice rolls in the game are resolved on a number of D6. This can vary from a single die roll to determine, for example, the testing of a unit’s Will to continue after it has taken casualties or a Mage attempting to cast a spell, to a dozen dice used to represent a very strong attack .But don’t worry, unlike some systems we won’t have you spending half your game time counting out 25 dice to roll for each attack, and then the other half counting how many of them were 6’s. About a dozen – or as we like to think of it- a fistful, is about the most dice you’ll ever need. In most cases between 3 and 8 dice are used to resolve combat.

Keep It Simple, Stupid (Combat Resolution)

Both close combat and ranged combat work in exactly the same way (with the exception that in close combat against a unit which has not yet acted, they may Strike Back, acting in response immediately and discarding their card). The attacking Unit rolls the number of dice specified (their AD) along with any gained from modifiers (the Unit may have Double Dice if they are facing their favoured opponent, or may receive an extra dice for charging or having a hero attached – or all three!) and must achieve a score equal to or higher than their Attack Skill (AS). This done, the enemy may roll to defend some or all of these hits (all if the battle is head on, less if they are being attacked in the flank or rear) against their Defence Skill. Any hits they are unable to negate in this manner remove 1 point from their overall Will (W). Once this reaches 5 the Unit must take a test against their remaining Will, adding it to the roll of a dice. If the total is less than 7, they rout.

 Shattered_Crown_Kickstarter_4 Shattered_Crown_Kickstarter_5

As described, the land of Rosodtir is teetering on the verge of civil war and five great Houses fight for supremacy over her.

This Kickstarter Campaign aims to fund the creation of armies representing two of these Houses: Hellesburne and Khra. You can read much more about the houses by following the Map link in the Lore section above.

Each of the armies you can pledge for as a part of this campaign will be made up of a number of different units, depending on which pledge level you choose, bellow is some further information about the two armies

The two armies we are attempting to be fund will be made up of similar troop types. Firstly, each will feature three Character models: A Leader, a Hero and a Mage.

Shattered_Crown_Kickstarter_6 Shattered_Crown_Kickstarter_7

So sehen die Pledges aus:

Shattered_Crown_Kickstarter_8 Shattered_Crown_Kickstarter_9 Shattered_Crown_Kickstarter_10 Shattered_Crown_Kickstarter_11

Shattered_Crown_Kickstarter_12 Shattered_Crown_Kickstarter_13 Shattered_Crown_Kickstarter_14

Die Kampagne läuft noch 26 Tage.

Quelle: The Shattered Crown: The Fantasy War Game Reinvigorated


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  • Sieht ja ganz nett aus, aber nichts was man jetzt unbedingt braucht. Bei den vielen Ks der letzten Monate halte ich mich schon sehr zurück mit allem was Tabletop betrifft. Momentan pledge ich eher für Brettspiele wie zuletzt Middra.

  • Nette Artworks, aber die Figuren treffen sie nicht wirklich. Ich hätte gerne die Bärenreiter, alles andere brauche ich nicht wirklich.

  • Die Infantireeinheit, was soll das? Die Fantasy Variante der Klonkrieger? einmal Glatze mit Bart, einmal lange Haare mit Bart. 2 verschiede Körper. (ich weiss an dem Gußteil sind 6 Köpfe die sich aber so gut wie nicht unterscheiden)
    Damit kann man mich nicht hinterm Ofen vor locken.

  • Regelbuch pledgen, und die Figuren mit Wikingern, etc. besetzen. Sollte auf den ersten Blick gehen.

    Ein vollwertiges TT werde ich nicht mehr Kickstartern. Die TTs setzen sich einfach nicht ansatzweise flächendeckend durch (Und Deadzone sehe ich als TT-Boardgame-Hybriden)., da sie zu wenig kontinuierlichen Support erhalten (siehe Warpath und KoW, WWX auch Godslayer momentan, wo es auch einfach an Neuheiten krankt usw.)

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