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SW Armada: Imperial Raider Preview

Fantasy Flight Games zeigen eine Vorschau auf den Imperial Raider für Star Wars Armada.

Fantasy Flight Games_Star Wars Armada Imperial Raider Preview 1

Our first two previews offered closer looks at the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Expansion Pack and the Home One Expansion Pack. We looked at the different ship cards these expansions offer, as we as some of their new upgrades, including the new commanders, Darth Vader and Admiral Ackbar. Today, we continue our previews with a look at the Imperial Raider Expansion pack and what it might offer your Imperial fleet.

Fantasy Flight Games_Star Wars Armada Imperial Raider Preview 2

A Dedicated Anti-Fighter Warship

Conceived by Lira Wessex, the designer of the Imperial-class Star Destroyer, as a small and aggressive assault vessel that could reinforce the TIE fighter squadrons deployed by its larger Star Destroyer cousins, the Raider-class corvette is a durable, 150m vessel that features multiple hardpoints and excels at suppressing Rebel fighter attacks.

Fighter squadrons can play one of two primary roles in Armada, which developer Max Brooke noted in his strategy article about squadrons, „Bomber Wings and Fighter Screens.“ Bomber wings can quickly rip through enemy ships, while fighter screens are designed to engage bombers and keep them from your larger ships. Because bomber wings can be so brutally effective unless they run into screens of TIE fighters, TIE interceptors, or A-wings, and because those fighter screens are not terribly effective in combats when there are no fighters for them to engage, your investment in fighter squadrons is always something of a calculated gamble.

As a dedicated anti-fighter warship, the Raider-class corvette offers Imperial fleet admirals a chance to hedge their bets. Whether you use it to support a bomber wing, to reduce your investment in your fighter screen, or to replace your fighter screen altogether, the Raider is extremely fast, accurate, and well-suited to fighter suppression in ways that the Empire’s other capital ships are not.

For starters, both versions of the Raider-class corvette – the Raider I-class Corvette and the Raider II-class Corvette

Fantasy Flight Games_Star Wars Armada Imperial Raider Preview 3 Fantasy Flight Games_Star Wars Armada Imperial Raider Preview 4

come with anti-squadron armaments of two dice, a lethality matched only by the anti-squadron armament of the Gladiator II-class Star Destroyer.

Fantasy Flight Games_Star Wars Armada Imperial Raider Preview 5

Still, the Raider’s two anti-squadron dice come at a discount of at least fourteen fleet points from the Gladiator’s sixty-two points. Of the two Raider designs, the Raider II-class Corvette is the more expensive at forty-eight fleet points, while the Raider I-class Corvette weighs in at a mere forty-four fleet points.

Equally important to the Raider’s role as an anti-fighter warship are a pair of upgrade cards that the Gladiator can’t access – the two Raider titles, the Impetuous and the Instigator .

The Impetuous title reads, „At the end of your Attack Step, choose 1 of your hull zones. You may perform an attack against 1 enemy squadron from that hull zone, even if you have already attacked from that zone this round.“
The Instigator title reads, „Enemy squadrons at distance 1 are treated as if they are engaged by 2 additional squadrons, even if they are not currently engaged.“
Between them, these titles allow you to transform your Raider into either a powerful anti-fighter escort for your bomber wing or a resilient counter to your opponent’s starfighters.

Fantasy Flight Games_Star Wars Armada Imperial Raider Preview 6

Outfitted with the Impetuous title, your Raider excels at cutting quickly through whichever squadron it prioritizes. While this ability doesn’t offer it any extra defense against an enemy bomber wing, it comes in truly handy as you use your Raider to escort your bombers past an enemy fighter screen. Since admirals investing in fighter screens typically want to spend as little as possible on their fighter squadrons, they aren’t likely to deploy more than a few squadrons to keep your bombers from their ships. That means that if your Impetuous can quickly punch through one or more squadrons in a round, your bombers are far more likely to be free to rain devastation upon a capital ship in the next round.

Fantasy Flight Games_Star Wars Armada Imperial Raider Preview 7

Meanwhile, the Instigator serves as a shield between your opponent’s fighters and the rest of your fleet. In fact, because it can engage enemy squadrons, it can, in most ways, replace the need for a fighter screen, especially when it’s further outfitted with Quad Laser Turrets and Ordnance Experts.

Fantasy Flight Games_Star Wars Armada Imperial Raider Preview 8 Fantasy Flight Games_Star Wars Armada Imperial Raider Preview 9

These upgrades enhance the threat the ship poses to enemy squadrons by granting it both counter 1 and the ability to reroll any number of its black attack dice; the Raider I-class Corvette has two black dice in its anti-squadron armament.

Finally, because the Raider is relatively inexpensive, it’s not inconceivable that you’d run both the Impetuous and the Instigator in the same fleet, using them to pincer your opponent’s squadrons, locking them into position by engaging them with the Instigator, and blasting through them with multiple shots from the Impetuous.

Fantasy Flight Games_Star Wars Armada Imperial Raider Preview 10

Paired together, the Instigator and Impetuous can lock down enemy starfighters and eliminate them, all while directing a bomber wing against enemy ships.

The Raider and Ship-to-Ship Combat

While the Raider was designed specifically to suppress enemy fighters, it is still a capital ship and, therefore, benefits from all the mechanics associated with capital ships in Armada. It activates every round. It reveals commands. It is able to attack as many as two times before moving, and it has defense tokens, as well as upgrade slots.

These facts give the Raider some advantages over squadrons in certain Imperial fleets. For example, if you swap out three or four fighter squadrons from your fighter screen for the Instigator, then run against a Rebel fleet that doesn’t use any squadrons at all, your Instigator will be able to switch from anti-fighter mode to anti-ship mode much more effectively than your TIE Fighter Squadrons or TIE Interceptor Squadrons would.

To start, your Raider offers a forward attack of four dice, of which either two or three can be launched from medium range. Then, if you want, you can equip it with Overload Pulse so that it can deactivate your opponent’s ship’s defense tokens,

Fantasy Flight Games_Star Wars Armada Imperial Raider Preview 11

leaving that ship exposed to a later attack from your Imperial-class Star Destroyer or other ship. Alternatively, if you’re not trying to set up future shots so much as you’re trying to boost your Raider’s shots, you could use your SW-7 Ion Batteries to convert the extra accuracy from your blue dice to damage.

Fantasy Flight Games_Star Wars Armada Imperial Raider Preview 12

The Raider’s speed and maneuverability also help define its role in ship-to-ship combat. At speed „1“ or „2,“ the Raider-class corvette can adjust its yaw by as many as two clicks at each joint of the maneuver tool, and while it loses some of this maneuverability at higher speeds, the fact that it can race about the battlefield as fast as speed „4“ means that it can introduce a new measure of flanking tactics to your Imperial fleet, especially if you give it an Expanded Hangar Bay and use it to harry your foes along with a couple of TIE Bomber Squadrons.

Fantasy Flight Games_Star Wars Armada Imperial Raider Preview 13

Fantasy Flight Games_Star Wars Armada Imperial Raider Preview 14

In the right fleet, your Raider can replace a number of fighter squadrons without sacrificing your fleet’s anti-ship or anti-fighter capabilities.

Finally, the Imperial Raider Expansion Pack introduces two more upgrades that play to the Raider’s speed and maneuverability. Because the Raider doesn’t feature any red dice in its battery armaments, it needs to race into close or medium range in order to attack other ships. This would leave it vulnerable at distance, but it can rely upon its two evade tokens to avoid most damage as it makes its approach. Furthermore, when it’s in a fleet led by Admiral Ozzel,

Fantasy Flight Games_Star Wars Armada Imperial Raider Preview 15

the Raider can either fly into combat at an astonishing speed before slowing down to take its shots, or it can accelerate quickly to get back to distance after firing. And if it’s flying off to long range at a speed of „3“ or higher, Admiral Montferrat allows you to treat enemy ships‘ attacks as though they’re obstructed,

Fantasy Flight Games_Star Wars Armada Imperial Raider Preview 16

thereby reducing their available attack dice by one, meaning there’s a better chance your evade tokens can cancel out the rest of the damage you might otherwise take.

Fantasy Flight Games_Star Wars Armada Imperial Raider Preview 17

While Admiral Ozzel is your commander and Admiral Montferrat is aboard your Raider, it becomes a truly slippery target, able to accelerate quickly to high speeds, meaning that it’s more likely to be able to get to long range, where its two evade tokens nearly guarantee its safety from your enemy’s obstructed attacks.

Swift and Merciless

With its speed, maneuverability, anti-fighter capabilities, and versatility in ship-to-ship combat, the Raider-class corvette is well-suited to a wide variety of quick assault tactics. It has enough attack and defense to stand up to a wide range of threats, and it can easily race across the battlefield, launch a quick assault, and then sprint away. This makes the Raider ideal for use in a number of select Imperial strategies, many of which you’re certain to see players explore during The Massing at Sullust.

In the meantime, head to your local retailer to pre-order your copy of the Imperial Raider Expansion Pack, and keep your eyes open for more Armada previews, including a look at the MC30c Frigate Expansion Pack!

Der deutschen Vertrieb der Fantasy Flight Produkte liegt bei Heidelberger.

Link: Fantasy Flight Games


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  • Schade, dass Armada diese hohe Einstigshürde hat… man mag sich kaum vorstellen, wie gut sich das verkaufen würde, wenn die Box halb so teuer wäre…

      • Armada war einer der besten Verkaufstarts von FFG. Verkauft sich streckenweise besser als X-wing.

        Schätze des war nicht der Hintergedanke. Einige Produkte von FFG haben letztes Jahr einen Preissprung gemacht. gibt einige Gründe hierfür.

  • Die Armada Schiffe gefallen mir sehr gut, nur der völlig fehlende Maßstab stört mich immer wieder. Müsste der Sternenzerstörer nicht 10x länger sein als der Raider?

    • Wenigstens kommen die Größenverhältnisse bei SW einigermassen.
      Mich würde ja generell auch Attack Wing reizen, aber da sind die Maßstäbe ja völlig verhunzt 🙁

    • Ich hatte diese Vorbehalte am Anfang auch. Aaaber: Es sieht erstens auf dem Tisch alles ziemlich okay aus, da die relative Größe zu einander gewahrt bleibt, und es schlicht unmöglich wäre alles maßstabsgerecht auf die Platte zu bringen.
      Und zweitens, ist das in den Filmen auch nicht immer wirklich maßstabsgetreu, sondern mehr pi x Daumen, und die Schieffe wurde nnachher nur fürs Fandom irgendwie mit Längenangaben versehen.

      Mich stören viel eher die Riesenbases…:(

  • Ja der liebe Maßstab 😉
    Wäre schon schön nur wären die Maßstabsgetreuen Modelle entweder so riesig das man Sie kaum bezahlen könnte oder so klein das man sie nicht sehen würde. Ist ja leider auch bei XWing nicht so 100%ig. Ändert aber nichts daran das beide spiele wirklich gut gelungen sind wobei mir Armada noch etwas besser gefällt.

    • Naja, stauchen muss man immer die Frage ist halt wie stark…

      Sinnvoll wäre mAn gewesen, wenn man den ICSD bei 35cm ansetzt und den Blockaderunner bei 6 sowie Jäger bei alles immernoch stark gestaucht, aber dürfte dennoch nicht derart unverhältnismäßig wirken…

      • Jetzt hat es die Hälfte meines Beitrags gefressen – gedacht war:
        Jäger <1cm, Blockadrunner und Raider 6cm, Nebulon-B 11cm, GCSD 15cm, VCSD 25cm und ICSD 35cm

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