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Super Dungeon Explore: Neue Previews

Soda Pop zeigen Neues für Super Dungeon Explore.

Production Update

We have received the „white box“ samples of the Forgotten King game box and it has been approved. That means printing on the core box is beginning, yay!

We have also approved all of the proofs for the remaining contents of the Always Super Pledge. Printing for it will begin as soon as the core box printing is done and enters assembly.

Right now our timeline is still on track based on what we told you in Update 73. If everything can stick to the manufacturing schedule we will be able to ship in a single wave. As always, that will ultimately be determined by how manufacturing goes, but we are optimistic and will keep you informed every step of the way.

Now lets look at a lovely kitty and a terrifying dragon!

Super Dungeon Glimmerwing 1

 Production model! Glimmerwing is included in the Emerald Valley Warband.

Super Dungeon Glimmerwing 2

Glimmerwing is one of the quickest mini-bosses in the game with 8 movement points, coupled with her Fly ability which allows her to ignore difficult terrain, structures, chasms, and enemy models. Glimmerwing is a mobile threat that can get where the Consul needs some muscle quickly.

For defense, Glimmerwing has a reliable ARM of 2 stars and 1 red dice. Even better, Glimmerwing is immune to both Bane and Hex, two of the more debilitating status effects in the game.

On offense, Glimmerwing’s STR of 2 red with a melee range of 2 squares is very solid. However, it takes a back seat to her WILL of 3 red and magic range of 6 squares. This potent WILL is put to use with the unique offensive action, Breath of Dream, a magic Lance 6 attack that causes the status effect Slow. Remember: Glimmerwing is on a large base so the lance will hit 12 squares total. Ouch!

While offensive output is nice, Glimmerwing really shines with her unique support actions: Verdant Maze and Fae Curse. Both unique actions cost 1 action point, have a range of 6 squares, and require opposed WILL rolls.

Verdant Maze allows Glimmerwing to move the target model 6 squares in any direction, while Fae Curse inflicts BOTH Bane and Hex. Bane requires a model to discard the highest result on defense rolls, while Hex requires a model to discard the highest result on offense rolls. Truly devastating effects.

Super Dungeon Glimmerwing 3

In Arcade Mode, Glimmerwing functions very similarly to Classic Mode. All offensive actions go through STR in Arcade and 4 white stars with a range of 6 squares packs a solid punch.

Breath of Dream becomes a signature unique action and is used whenever a Fight command is issued. The Lance effect bumps up to Lance 8, to help catch more Heroes in its area, even without a person controlling Glimmerwing.

Glimmerwing sees a slight boost to survivability with an ARM of 4 stars and 6 hearts, while remaining immune to Bane and Hex.

When a Unique command is issued Verdant Maze is gone, because without a human to control a Compel effect, the ability is a bit…haphazard. Nonetheless, the more potent ability Fae Curse remains. In the Arcade version the targeted Hero receives no defense roll, they simply suffer Hex and Bane. Take that pesky Heroes!

Eine Magierin gibt es auch!

Super Dungeon Tabbybrook  1

 Production model. The Tabbybrook is available as an individual Blacksmith item.

Super Dungeon Tabbybrook  2

On first blush it is easy to dismiss the Tabbybrook as a support only Hero, but underneath that cute exterior is a kitty that will destroy all your furniture while purring happily. Let’s take a look.

First, the Tabbybrook joins the party with pretty standard Hero movement and action points of 6 and 3 respectively. Her STR is nothing if not poor, as one might expect from a mage. Her WILL makes up for it with a solid, if not exemplary, 3 blue and magic range of 8 squares. Her ARM is similarly suited, with her actual survivability coming through being able to use her DEX of 3 blue for defense rolls.

The 9 Lives ability is a Freyjan trademark that gives her a single opportunity to escape death. When the Tabbybrook has suffered 5 wounds her player can roll 1 red dice, and remove a number of wound counters equal to the number of stars rolled. If no stars are rolled the Tabbybrook is destroyed as normal. 9 Lives is a One Use Only ability, so players only get to use it once per game, even if it fails to save the Tabbybrook.

Both of the Tabbybrook’s unique actions are support actions.

Puddle Jump is a Wave 1 that hits every model that is adjacent to the Tabbybrook, pushing them back 1 square. Since no roll is required, and the action only costs a single action point, Puddle Jump can be remarkable for herding monsters to, say, set them up for a potion—but we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Refreshing Rain is a potent augment action that affects all friendly models within 2 squares of the Tabbybrook, healing 2 wounds on every friendly model in the area. Nice.

Now lets look at those potions. The Tabbybrook can carry 2 potions and has two offensive potions: Volcanic Spring and Arctic Spring. Both potions cost 1 token, are magic (so use the WILL attribute), and are Lance 8. Both are also dangerous, meaning they affect friend and foe alike. Volcanic Spring inflicts the status effect Fire and Arctic Spring inflicts Ice. All in all, both of these potions are quite potent.

The key thing that makes them terribly devastating is twofold: 1) using potions does not require an action point, and 2) potions can be shared with other Heroes. As we hinted before, Puddle Jump can allow the Tabbybrook to get the monsters in a nice neat line so that she can unleash a potion on them! Remember though, you can only use one potion a turn, so no endless potion party carnage.

Even better, if the Tabbybrook is running around in a party of high WILL Heroes, she can share her potion (as long as she has tokens) allowing the entire party to unleash devastating area effect attacks. Now that is a good time!

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