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Super Dungeon Explore: Neue Bilder

Soda Pop haben ein neues Update zu Super Dungeon Explore:Forgotten King auf Kickstarter geteilt.


Today’s post is going to be fairly short since our Heroes are really busy getting their equipment ready for a new dungeon adventure. Rumors of shadowy figures preying on travelers have made their way to Crystalia Castle and the King has ordered us to find the cause. Please note: shadowy does not mean ninja, at least not according to our old friends Merriam-Webster. Who wants to have brave Heroes fight shadowy ninjas with elemental powers anyway? Oh…lets, uh, go to production.
We do have some great news on the manufacturing/shipping side, so lets go that out of the way. We have our first arrival dates for ships:

  • UK – Will arrive at port March 30.
  • US – Will arrive at port March 22.

Australia is being handled by a different freight company and we have not yet received port arrival dates from them.
Once the ships arrive at port hopefully they won’t be stuck in queue very long to get of the ship and then through customs. We will keep you updated on their progress as they move forward. We will also let you know once production resumes from CNY for EU Wave 1 and all of Wave 2.

Link:Super Dungeon Explore@KS


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