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Super Dungeon Explore: Legends Kickstarter

Freunde von Chibi-Manga und Dungeon Crawlern wissen es bereits schon, aber der neue Super Dungeon Explore: Legends-Kickstarter ist derzeit in vollem Gang!


Die Basics:


Super Dungeon Explore is a combat board game inspired by classic hack-and-slash video games. But that is only the beginning. Super Dungeon is also built upon a deep love for classic Japanese roleplaying games (JRPGs), adventure games, and traditional pencil-and-paper tabletop games. Super Dungeon Legends draws its inspiration from these well loved genres to allow players to craft their own stories in the world of Crystalia.

The goal of this Kickstarter is to fund several exciting Super Dungeon products, with gorgeous new miniatures, designed for new players and veterans alike. Super Dungeon Explore: 2nd Edition provides core rules and a budget friendly entry point to begin your adventures. Super Dungeon Legends provides all the tools you need to create your own adventures, roleplay, and tell epic stories about your Heroes. The Midnight Tower, Frostbyte Ravagers, andCrown Guard expansions provide you with more Heroes, bosses, monsters, and treasure to expand your playing options and provide new challenges to overcome.

Wie funktioniert’s?

Super Dungeon Explore: 2nd Edition provides you with a new and affordable entry point to begin playing games of Super Dungeon. Two complete game modes—Classic and Arcade—allow you to play either cooperatively as the Heroes against an automated dungeon; or adventurously with a game master controlling the monsters.

Super Dungeon Explore: 2nd Edition is designed around smaller, faster games with three spawning points, a single mini-boss, and a fearsome Dungeon Boss. A wide variety of Heroes and multiple monster profiles help keep the game fresh and exciting. Battle shadow kobolds from the depths of the Nether Rifts, elemental drakes from the Fire Flows, and a mighty armored kobold ogre—among others!

Was ist drin?

Super_Dungeon_Explore_Kickstarter_1 Super_Dungeon_Explore_Contents_2 Super_Dungeon_Explore_Contents_3 Super_Dungeon_Explore_Contents_4


  • Rulebooks: Classic Mode, Arcade Mode
  • 4 Double-sided Dungeon Tiles 
  • 12 Super Dungeon Dice: 2 Emerald, 4 Ruby, 6 Sapphire
  • 9 Hero Models: Glimmerdusk Ranger, Ember Mage, Royal Paladin, Riftling Rogue, Hexcast Sorceress, Hearthsworn Fighter, Claw Tribe Barbarian, Deeproot Druid, Angry Bear (Shapeshift)
  • Starfire the Ruby Dragon Dungeon Boss Model 
  • Kobold Ogre Mini-Boss Model 
  • 7 Drake Monster Models: Egg Clutch Spawning Point, 2 Wyrmlings, 2 Whelps, 2 Hatchlings
  • 13 Kobold Monster Models: 2 Kobold Warren Spawning Points, Dragon Priest, 2 Ironscales, 2 Slingers, 3 Gougers, 3 Knuckleheads
  • 100+ Game Cards: Heroes, Classic Monsters, Arcade Monsters, Loot Deck, Treasure Deck, Explore Deck, Arcade Command Deck
  • Tons of Tokens

Okay, okay, aber was ist dann dieses Legends?


Super Dungeon Legends is a campaign and roleplaying expansion for Super Dungeon Explore. In Legends, Heroes brave a series of adventures as part of an overall narrative campaign. Between adventures, Heroes spend crystals they have earned from their exploits to unlock new skills and abilities or to craft bizarre and powerful artifacts. Legends introduces new and more powerful battle dice and deep tomes of information about the races, realms, organizations, and—of course—monsters that populate Crystalia.

Legends not only provides the tools to build your own adventures, it also comes with two campaigns, each consisting of multiple adventures and an exciting story for your Heroes to take part in. Soda Pop Miniatures will continue to release adventures and campaigns, so you’ll never run out of places to explore. Of course, why buy each new adventure as it comes out when you can pledge now? You’ll help unlock even more free adventures!

Und da ist auch noch Zeug drin?


  • Hero Handbook: The complete guide for advancing your Heroes between adventures, including guild creation rules, and roleplaying tips to make a unique party of Heroes all your own!
  • Consul’s Grimoire: Learn how to create unique adventures, enhanced monsters, and craft a story all your own in the world of Crystalia! Includes two complete premade campaigns—The Dragon Horn and Rotten Wood—each with multiple adventures to begin playing right away.
  • Explorer’s Guide: Begin your exploration of the Super Dungeon universe with this packed world guide! This tome details the history, geography, monsters, and key locations of every realm in Crystalia. It also provides detailed information on the world’s history, Heroic races, religions, and organizations.
  • 6 Super Dungeon Dice: 3 Citrine and 3 Amethyst.
  • Golden Eye of the Goddess 
  • 6 Corridor and 4 Side Room Dungeon Tiles: Mix and match these 4×8 square and 6×6 square dungeon tiles with your existing collection of tiles to create increased variety in your dungeon layouts.
  • Hundreds of Tokens: Crystals, Objectives, NPCs, and other all new tokens help enhance the experience and provide more options for adventure!
  • 500+ Cards, Including: Scheme Deck, Monster Upgrade Deck, Shop Deck, B-Class Skill Deck, A-Class Skill Deck, S-Class Skill Deck, X-Class Skill Deck, XS-Class Skill Deck.
  • 5 Hero Dashboards: Laminated Hero Dashboards help you organize your cards during the game and record important vital statistics about your models.

Puh, war’s das? …Nope:


The Frostbyte Ravagers warband box brings the unparalleled brutality of the orcs to Super Dungeon for the first time! Rampaging through the Frostbyte Reach, the savage hordes have spilled out into Crystalia. Combining potent offense and a hardy resilience, the orcs are driven into further frenzy by the ferocious Rage Fiend Mini-Boss. Standing in their way is the Lightning Mage, whose crackling bolts arc through multiple foes with a single blast.


  • Lightning Mage Hero Model
  • Rage Fiend Mini-Boss Model
  • 14 Orc Monster Models: 2 Skull Stone Spawning Points, 4 Neck Splitters, 4 Face Beaters, 4 Knuckle Smashers
  • Game Cards: Hero, Classic Monsters, Arcade Monsters, Treasure Card


The Crown Guard warband represents the doughty men and women who join their local village militias, town watches, or regional military. Devoted to combined arms and defense, the Crown Guard can protect weaker monsters around them, shielding them from attacks. Occasionally, the Crown Guard are even forced to maintain the peace against rambunctious Heroes, or—in more dire situations—turn to the service of the Dark Consul. While orcs are ferocious, they are not unintelligent, and the Crook-Eye Tracker has recognized the threat of the Dark Consul, lending his considerable survival and hunting skills to the good of the land.


  • Crook-Eye Tracker Hero Model
  • Royal Knight Mini-Boss Model
  • 14 Crown Guard Monster Models: 2 Watchtower Spawning Points, 2 Sergeant-at-Arms, 4 Longbowmen, 4 Swordsmen, 4 Pikemen
  • Game Cards: Hero, Classic Monsters, Arcade Monsters, Treasure Card


The Midnight Tower level expansion reveals the dreaded armies of The Midnight Queen. Armies of baroque-armored Nether Elves issue forth from the corrupted Tower of the Goddess. Within their ranks, cursed Spider Speakers summon scuttling hordes of spiders, spinning webs of shadow and poisoning their foes. Alongside them march powerful Knights of the Tower on spectral steeds, while Tower Stalkers lurk in the shadows weakening the mightiest Heroes, before their fellows strike the final blow. Three new Heroes take up the call to adventure: the rugged Hearthsworn Tincan, sneaky Cat Burglar, and brutal Riftling Warrior.

  • 3 Hero Models: Hearthsworn Tincan, Cat Burglar, Riftling Warrior
  • Midnight Queen Dungeon Boss Model 
  • Daemonus Construct Model 
  • Knight of the Tower Mini-Boss Model 
  • 8 Spider Monster Models: Spider Nest Spawning Point, Nether Elf Spider Speaker, 3 Crawlers, 3 Shadow Spinners
  • 14 Nether Elf Monster Models: 2 Shadow Tower Spawning Points, 2 Tower Stalker, 4 Tower Blackblades, 6 Tower Arbalists
  • Game Cards: Heroes, Classic Monsters, Arcade Monsters, 6 Treasure Cards, 12 Explore Cards


Super Dungeon is going digital! Super Dungeon Legends Digital provides you with the complete rules to play games of Legends using your existing Super Dungeon Explore game pieces in digital format.

When a digital product is completed, you will be sent a unique download code. Log into the Soda Pop Store and use the code to download your copy of the content. All content will be keyed to your account, so if you accidentally delete the file, your hard drive crashes, or a kobold ogre eats your computer, you will be able to login and download the file again. It’s yours forever!

The first digital download will be Super Dungeon Legends itself, and will include all of the contents detailed below. Key among these are a Digital Conversion Guide and a printable Hero Journal. The Digital Conversion Guide covers all of the bumpy rules bits to allow you to play before your physical components arrive. The Hero Journal is a classic RPG style pencil-and-paper „character sheet“ that you print out and use to record your Hero’s vitals statistics, skills, and abilities.


  • Core Legends Rulebooks: Hero Handbook, Consul’s Grimoire, Explorer’s Guide
  • Hero Journal: Print out the Hero Journal and use it to record your Hero’s vital statistics and progress as they advance, as an alternative to cards.
  • Skill Compendium: The skill compendium compiles all of the skills, upgrades, and shop cards into one easy to use reference.
  • Digital Conversion Guide: This guide walks you through the modifications necessary to play games of Legends before your physical components arrive, including dice conversion charts, and how to use the Skill Compendium and Hero Journal.

Bis hierhin fleißig mitgelesen? Gut, denn Pledge Levels gibt es ja schließlich auch:


Da der Kickstarter schon seit einer Weile läuft, sind bereits jede Menge Stretch Goals freigeschaltet. Es lohnt sich also, mal einen genaueren Blick darauf zu werfen.

Aktuell steht die Kampagne bei 642.637 US-Dollar von benötigten 80.000 US-Dollar. Sie ist also bereits voll finanziert. Beteiligen könnt Ihr Euch noch 9 Tage lang.

Quelle: Super Dungeon Explore: Legends Kickstarter 


Passionierter Maler und Hobby-Veteran aus den bunten 90ern. Neben 40K, der ersten großen Liebe, heutzutage Infinity-begeistert und Teilzeit X-Wing-Pilot, der die Hobby-Aspekte oftmals dem Spielen vorzieht.

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  • Interesse hätte ich schon, nur kann man leider nicht per PayPal pledgen.

    Kämen eigentlich noch Zollgebühren oben drauf?

  • Ok, dank des Upgrade-Sets aus dem letzten KS kann ich mir als Grundboxveteran immerhin die neue sparen. Die neuen Sculpts brauch ich nicht und sonst ist ja auch nix Neues drin.
    Der Dark Consul-Pledge sieht gut aus 🙂

      • Ich mag die alten sehr gern und ein paar davon sind sogar schon bemalt.
        Und ich muss ja nicht bei jedem KS immer das größte Pledge-Level nehmen 😛

      • konnte nicht widerstehen – und hab nach Jahren den Pinsel noch nicht in der Hand gehabt (sic.) um die alte Box zu pimpen

    • Nix Neues stimmt nicht ganz, immerhin sind die Bodenpläne drin. Die alten passen ja von der Größe nicht mehr. Deshalb überlege ich noch. Auch die neuen Helden-Sculpts hätte ich gerne, aber dadurch, dass man ja noch die Versionen anderen Geschlechts bekommt, sind die nicht mehr so interessant. Einen Helden doppelt zu haben, kann sinnvoll sein. Aber gleich dreifach werden sie wohl kaum zum Einsatz kommen.

      • Ach ja, Bodenpläne.
        Als Add-On würd ich die nehmen, aber sicher nicht ne ganze Box.
        Ich seh schon die andersgeschlechtlichen Heldenkopien als höchstens „nice to have“ (aber ziemlich unnötig bei der großen Vielfalt, die es mittlerweile an Helden gibt).

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