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Spellcrow: Neue Previews

Von Spellcrow gibt es zwei neue Previewbilder.



Today you can see first version of legs… for Plague Centurions.  Idea for name is from Power Armoured Metal so, if we will finish this models Power Armoured Metal will receive it for free. Tomorrow I will show you weapons for this models.


Hi. We have a lot of work with our Plague Legions. Marek designed torsos for plague units with very heavy weapons. We don’t know how to name this unit.  Today I saw legs for this unit and weapons, so I will try to show it until end of week. Sculpting of Plague Spawn is… difficult, so we have delay with this project but it will be ready for next week.

Link: Spellcrow auf Facebook

Link: Spellcrow

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