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Sky Relics: Neu bei Kickstarter

Mit einer Kickstarter-Kampagne soll Sky Relics finanziert werden, ein Flottenkampfspiel von Sky Relics Games.

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Using miniature models of SkyShips, claim your stake in Targus by utilizing a combination of rustic technologies and the arcane.

Sky Relics Games_Sky Relic Kickstarter 1

Targus was once a barren rock in the darkest depths of space. Alone and far from the rest of the cosmos, few stars could even shine the distance away. It was there, at the farthest reaches, the gods found their new home. Darren, Lord of the Cosmic Flame, created a star for the planet, and everyone knew it as Darren’s Fire. The rest of the gods, over a thousand many, poured their divinity into Targus and gave her life. The mountains let go of their roots and ascended to the sky. But all for a heavy price, for the gods had exhausted their immortality, and they only had a few millennia left to live. They spent the last of those years cultivating civilizations and engineering SkyShips hoping to ensure Targus‘ future. But the gods were not able to handle their mortality as well as we do.

Centuries after Malack’s devastating war, peace and prosperity reigned. However, Targus once again must endure another war for survival. This time the battles are taking place in the heavens amongst the floating mountains. The people have inherited a world littered with ancient secrets, and they have discovered the power of the gods hidden inside the precious stone of the floating mountains.

Now with transcendence on the horizon, it is a mad dash for all the power hovering in Targus’ skies. Conquer the heavens with the SkyShips, ancient gifts from the gods. Swear your allegiance and claim your stake on Targus. Will you help the strange hybrids of the Cortez Family finally find a home for their nation the Commonwealth? Or will you defend your right to personal prosperity as a rebellious Sky Pirate? Each side has its own collection of heroes, villains, and extra ordinary ships that have caused ripples and rumors throughout the ports. War is never simple, and ideologies will clash as the people of Targus adjust to the dawning of a new age.

Sky Relics Games_Sky Relic Kickstarter 2

Your fleet will crack the skies in a fast paced, exciting fight for the floating mountains. Customize your aviation armada with a crew and a Captain of Fate. With them, discover Targus‘ secrets and her powers in this exciting table board war game like none other.

Sky Relics Games_Sky Relic Kickstarter 3

Sky Relics Games_Sky Relic Kickstarter 4

2-5 players.

All miniatures come unpainted.

Sky Relics Games_Sky Relic Kickstarter 5

Sky Relics Games_Sky Relic Kickstarter 6

• Box Dimensions: 12″W x 12.“H x 3″D

• 18 Skyships: 75mm resin Miniature Figurines

• 3 Floating Rock Resin Terrain Pieces

• 1 Sky Port Resin Miniature

• 1 9″ x 18″ Game Board

• 14 Dice (Eight D6’s, One D8, & Five D10’s)

• 32 Ship Cards (3″H x 4″W)

• 36 Sky Relic Cards (3.5″H x 2.5″W)

• 20 Cargo Cards (3.5″H x 2.5″W)

• 12 Crew Cards (2.5″H x 1.75″W)

• 24 SkyShip Mod Cards (2.5″H x 1.75″W)

• 1 Sky Relics Manual

Sky Relics Games_Sky Relic Kickstarter 7

Sky Relics Games_Sky Relic Kickstarter 8

• Box Dimensions: 12″W x 12.“H x 3″D

• 26 SkyShips: 75mm Resin Miniature Figurines

• 6 Floating Rock Resin Terrain Pieces

• 1 Sky Port Resin Miniature

• 1 9″ x 18″ Game Board

• 27 Dice (sixteen D6’s, one D8, & ten D10’s )

• 44 Ship Cards (3″H x 4″W)

• 36 Sky Relic Cards (3.5″H x 2.5″W)

• 20 Cargo Cards (3.5″H x 2.5″W)

• 20 Crew Cards (2.5″H x 1.75″W)

• 34 SkyShip Mod Cards (2.5″H x 1.75″W)

• 1 Full-size Sky Relics Manual Hard Cover Book

Sky Relics Games_Sky Relic Kickstarter 9

Sky Relics Games_Sky Relic Kickstarter 10

• Box Dimensions: 12″ W x 12.“ H x 3″D

• 32 SkyShips (includes 2 War Iron Ships): 75mm Resin Miniature

• 2 War Iron $15.00 MSRP Each

• 6 Floating Rock Resin Terrain Pieces

• 1 Sky Port Resin Miniature

• 2 9″ x 18″ Game Board

• 27 Dice (sixteen D6’s, one D8, & ten D10’s )

• 44 Ship Cards (3″H x 4″W)

• 36 Sky Relic Cards (3.5″H x 2.5″W)

• 20 Cargo Cards (3.5″H x 2.5″W)

• 20 Crew Cards (2.5″H x 1.75″W)

• 34 SkyShip Mod Cards (2.5″H x 1.75″W)

• 1 Full-size Sky Relics Manual Hard Cover Book

Sky Relics Games_Sky Relic Kickstarter 11

One would think the whales to be the first victim of a gods interference with the natural order and sink to the bottom of their floating seas. However, the gentle beasts couldn’t swim any deeper. Against their will they rose out of the water, above the surface, and into a vast new world. The first mortal beings of Targus, the sky whales. Witness to the chaotic experiment we call life. Their entire species evolved out of the water in trade for the depths of the planet’s sky. For it was a vast planet. One that the gods hid some of their greatest treasures.

Sky Relics Games_Sky Relic Kickstarter 12

Targus skies are an uncharted part of the world. It once was the home of the gods, and their divinity has made the stones of the floating mountains precious. Even though the Commonwealth pioneers the rich skies for their own, there will always be those who wish to stake their own claim. Targus should be so lucky to have Pirate King Jack lead and organize the criminals of the air, for he is an honorable man and once a general back in the days of Malack’s War. Although a leader of pirates, Jack has seen the destitute between the cracks of the Commonwealth’s society. He sees clearly the grave costs of the Cortezian capitalism, and he will band as many pirates as he can in order to weed out the corruption that greed spreads. If not, then to at least feed the ones overlooked in society.

Sky Relics Games_Sky Relic Kickstarter 13

A nation born of godless gypsies, the Commonwealth has brought Targus into a new age. Their restoration of the SkyShips has lifted the vagabond people from forever wandering the Targus floor. Above, they have found a true home amongst the floating mountains. Since then the day when an entire nation of people rose from the floor, was forever known in Targus history as “The Ascension”. The Commonwealth people have only to thank their nation’s leaders and founders, the Cortez Family. The first mixed race of beings on Targus, the Cortez Family have pulled themselves out of heresy through charm and trade, and they have established one of the most influential nations. They alone allocated all resources that brought the world into a new era, and they have laid claim to the most precious riches of the planet. However, a claim’s legitimacy is carried only to those that adhere.

Sky Relics Games_Sky Relic Kickstarter 14

Key points to Sky Relics

Customization-Command your SkyShips as you see fit. Each SkyShip is completely customizable from your weapons to your crew. With many modifications to choose from, your SkyShip and your battle will be specifically your own.

Minatures-Each miniature is a hand-crafted SkyShip up to 1:2400 in scale, and each is unpainted for your artistic convenience.

Multiple Success Resolution -Sky Relics uses dice rolls to resolve all situations in the games. Attacking? Roll a die. Completing tough objectives? Roll a die. Upgrading your captain? Roll the die.

Variety of Play-Alongside the distinct war gaming skirmish battles, discover the greatest mysteries of Targus in the adventure mode. New quests and challenges will consistently update and expand your captain’s story.

Tactics and Strategy-Combat in Targus skies is fast-paced, brutal, and risky. Sky Relic cards will enhance your SkyShip, sabotage your opponents, and even change the playing field!

SkyShip Overview

When the gods realized their immortality was lost, dread settled in their mind. They had spent countless millennia turning Targus into something bright and beautiful in the darker reaches of the cosmos, their mortality gave them all a sense of futility. In order to ensure their sacrifice would not be in vain, the last nine living gods passed down their sentience into nine races of people. Each would represent a nation, and each nation would watch after Targus as their creators had. But Targus is a large world, and in order to claim dominance over the lands, Steeldius, Lord of Craft, built them the SkyShips, so that the people could watch over Targus as they once had. Regardless of their miraculous feats, however, the SkyShips were twisted into war machines since the fall of Malack, God of Chaos. Now, even though the SkyShips are vessels of prosperity, they also fly with destruction on their backs.

Sky Relics Games_Sky Relic Kickstarter 15

Captains of Fate

There are thousands of SkyShips flying the Targus skies. But there are only a handful the universe deems greatness. Each playable captain is a Captain of Fate. Whether through destiny or pure ambition, each of these captains plays a larger role in Targus’ history than any of them realize. Pick a captain and follow their fate to bitter ends or glorious victory for the sake of Targus’ life.

Sky Relics Games_Sky Relic Kickstarter 16

Special Note: Every SkyShip has been made individually by Steeldius, and each has been on its own adventure through war and tribulation. Therefore, every SkyShip is unique in their designs and abilities.

Sky Relics Games_Sky Relic Kickstarter 17

The Sky Relics team is committed to the world of Targus above all else, and we believe that gaming is the best way to immerse yourself into a fantastical world. Thus, every tiny detail we can include, every mechanic we can add to the game, will bring you, the player, deeper into into Targus. It’s a first hand experience, and it’s all thanks to your backing. Each stretch goal creates more miniatures, more cards, more scenery pieces, and new captains to every pledge level and the game entire.

You can also purchase an extra set of all unlocked Stretch Goals separately as a $70.00 ADD-ON. If you wanted only certain miniatures (i.e. Sky Whales or turret rocks), you have the choice to purchase them separately at the low cost of $6.00.

Sky Relics Games_Sky Relic Kickstarter 18

Sky Relics Games_Sky Relic Kickstarter 19 Sky Relics Games_Sky Relic Kickstarter 20 Sky Relics Games_Sky Relic Kickstarter 21 Sky Relics Games_Sky Relic Kickstarter 22

Sky Relics Games_Sky Relic Kickstarter 23 Sky Relics Games_Sky Relic Kickstarter 24 Sky Relics Games_Sky Relic Kickstarter 25 Sky Relics Games_Sky Relic Kickstarter 26

Sky Relics Games_Sky Relic Kickstarter 27 Sky Relics Games_Sky Relic Kickstarter 28 Sky Relics Games_Sky Relic Kickstarter 29 Sky Relics Games_Sky Relic Kickstarter 30

Sky Relics Games_Sky Relic Kickstarter 31

Each battle box expansion comes with exclusive SkyShips outfitted for their own adventures.

Sky Relics Games_Sky Relic Kickstarter 32

The neutral transports ships are used by Sky Pirates and Commonwealth alike. Everyone needs to see the world to appreciate life, and the Transport Battle Box is full of world travelers, three notorious SkyShips, and one cargo maxed ship card. Use these ships as object markers or points of interest for the battles or the adventures.

The Transport Battle Box also includes:

• 6 SkyShips: 1:2400 Resin Miniature Figurines

• 2 Yatru transport ships

• 2 Star Haulers Transports

• 2 Maul Transports

• 24 Ships Cards

Add-on $20 MSRP $30

Sky Relics Games_Sky Relic Kickstarter 33

The Commonwealth uses the Skyrunner models for war ships making this box set a must have for any Commonwealth player. Each miniatures get 4 ship cards with named ships and heroes of the Commonwealth.

The Skyrunner Battle Box comes also includes:

• 6 SkyShips: 1:2400 Resin Miniature Figurines

• 2 Warhound ships

• 2 Skyrunner Boar ships

• 2 Skyrunner YF100 Ships

• 24 ships cards

Add-on $20 MSRP $30

Sky Relics Games_Sky Relic Kickstarter 34

Sky Pirates are masters of turning old junk ships into terrorizing warships. The Pirate Battle Box set come with 6 SkyShip miniatures, but you’ll get 24 ship cards prepped for war and with cargo space to hold stolen loot that only pirates can fly.

The Pirate Battle Box also includes:

• 6 SkyShips: 1:2400 Resin Miniature Figurines

• 2 Barclay ships

• 2 Sky Lance ships

• 2 Sky Sword ships

• 24 Ships Cards

Add-on $20 MSRP $30

Sky Relics Games_Sky Relic Kickstarter 35

A sky legend has been through the worst battles. Some say it’s through luck and other’s skill. Regardless of the reason, the SkyShip becomes legend for the feats they surmounted. This is the Cervantes. One of the first hundred SkyShips ever made. Before the cultivation of the Life Trees, Lord Steeldius used the body of a god to power these ships. Any remnants of their power has seeped into the hull making SkyShips like none other. Cervantes is death in the skies. Along with its jet fighter squads, this one ship can battle many with fierce tenacity.

The Sky Legend: Cervantes also includes:

• 1 SkyShip: 1:2400 Resin Miniature Figurines

• 2 Fighter Jet Squads

• 3 Ship Cards

Add-on $15 MSRP $20

Sky Relics Games_Sky Relic Kickstarter 36

• 1 SkyShip: 1:2400 Resin Miniature Figurines

• 3 Ship cards

One of the three Ship cards

Sky Relics Games_Sky Relic Kickstarter 37

About Us

The Sky Relics team has over 15 years of gaming experience and a few years in manufacturing. In the last year, the Sky Relics team has tested with over 100 molds and models using hi-res printers. The rules have been play-tested for hundreds of hours, and we have played with people of all ages at conventions. Everyone is saying the same thing: it’s a very cool game, easy to learn, and don’t change a thing.

Every model sculpture has been designed with a 3D program. They are then sent to the 3D printers, and molds are being made at this very moment. All the cards, boxes, and game boards are printed through Ad Magic.

We do not plan to increase the size of the Stretch goals, but if we get your full support and reach our stretch goals ahead of schedule (which would be awesome), we have a second wave of Stretch Goals ready to launch.

The Sky Relics team will ship out all completed Kickstarter pledges before the public release of the game. If we are running late, then the game released date will be pushed back in order to ensure the pledgers will receive the game before retail distribution. Despite our best efforts, we do not control the winds of fate or the postal delivery services. But we can guarantee that you will receive your copy before Sky Relics goes to retail.

Die Kampagne hat ihr Ziel von 6.500,00 USD bereits überschritten, steht aktuell bei 10.415,00 USD und läuft noch 16 Tage.

Quelle: Sky Relics Kickstarter

Link: Sky Relics


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  • Autsch… da sollte aber nochmal schnellstmöglich der Lektor drüber. Die Schreibfehler sind schon etwas peinlich. Und bei der Gelegenheit sollte auch nochmal ein guter DTPler sich der viel zu vielen Fonts/Schriftgrößen etc. annehmen.

    Sieht interessant aus, aber ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob bei der aktuellen Konkurrenz so ein Spiel noch eine reelle Chance hat.

  • Mich spricht es jetzt nicht so an, aber hey, es ist schon gefundet, also muss es ja auf Interesse stossen.

    • ja und nein – die waren schon über 15 sind dann aber mangels konkreter Infos tief gefallen- eigentlich warte ich darauf , dass der KS gecancelt wird

      • Ok, das ist natürlich schade, denn nach meinem ersten, recht negativen Kommentar hatte ich doch mal überlegt, evtl. am Ende doch noch mit einem kleinen Betrag einzusteigen.

        Allerdings ist das Ziel auch klar zu niedrig angesetzt für so ein großes Spiel – nur wollte man hier offensichtlich erstmal schnell das (zu niedrige) Finanzierungsziel erreichen und hoffte dann, dass bei einem gefundeten Projekt mehr Leute aufspringen…

  • Hmm, also ich bin ja bekennender Fan von Spielen mit großen Pötten, egal in welchem Setting, aber hier habe ich doch ein paar Probleme mit:

    1. Schiffe mit angegossenen Bases. Sieht imho sehr schlecht aus. Klar, es spart Kosten, aber bitte doch die Schiffe und Bases einzeln und einen Base-Pinn dazu.

    2. Layout der Karten. Das sieht einfach irgendwo noch unprofessionell aus.

    3. Wo wir von den Karten sprechen, die Masse an Statuswerten erschlägt einen, einfach zu lernen scheint das Spiel erstmal nicht.

    Außerdem ist die Finanzierungsziel mit 6k Dollar sicherlich sehr niedrig gewählt worden und die müssen sicher noch einiges mehr einnehmen, um das Spiel zu finanzieren. Wie auch immer, ich denke nicht, dass ich hier mitmachen werden, denn irgendwie spricht mich dieses Spiel jetzt nicht wirklich an…

    • Viell. sind wir durch die DFC Modelle auf der Salute total verwöhnt worden, aber diese 3D Modelle sehen leider alle recht „amateurhaft“ aus.
      Sind nicht absolut hässlich, aber gut sieht anders aus. Da bringt das Resin dann auch nicht wirklich was.

      Und die restliche Optik muss man leider auch sagen, dass hier niemand mit viel Ahnung dran gesessen hat, sry.
      Wenn man das Schiffslogo auf der Datakarte nicht mal mit nem normalen Kreis ausschneiden kann und obendrein noch pixelig ist, dann sollte die Person lieber keine Grafiken/Designs bearbeiten. Das kann man auch nicht mit Vorabversion entschuldigen.
      Ebenso die Hintergrundgrafiken in den einzelnen Textfeldern. Sechseckfelder in einem Feld gestreckt, in den anderen unverzerrt. …etc.

      Über die Regeln kann ich natürlich nichts sagen, vielleicht sind die sogar garnicht schlecht, aber der Rest überzeugt leider überhaupt nicht.

  • mmmh ohne jetzt haten zu wollen aber mein erster Eindruck war „Weder besonders schick noch originell.“
    Aber irgendwem wird’s schon gefallen.

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