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Relic Knights: Januar Neuheiten

Soda Pop präsentieren neue Modelle für Relic Knights.

Relic Knights Swordsworn

Swordsworn – 24,95 Dollar

Making up the bulk of the Order of the Shattered Sword forces, the Swordsworn are the very embodiment of courage and honor. Their steadfast defense of the innocent have saved countless lives and will prove vital in the dark days to come.

Relic Knights Diamond Corps

Diamond Corps – 24,95 Dollar

Disciplined, highly trained, and well equipped the Diamond Corps stand among the finest fighting forces in the galaxy. Primarily composed of former military personnel in search of lucrative private contracts, the Diamond Corps bring a wealth of experience and tactical know-how to every job.

Relic Knights Novitiates

Novitiates – 17,95 Dollar

No strangers to danger and adventure, the Novitiates of the Doctrine Academies must be quick-witted and fast on the spell if they hope to survive. Yet with study, practice, and most important of all—numbers—a squad of Novitiates is a deadly adversary for any who would underestimate them.

Relic Knights Kyojin Berserkers

KyojinBerserkers – 21,95 Dollar

For some, the voice of Nozuki is too much to bear. These Noh descend into madness and become Kyojin, The Unchained. Berserkers of unparalleled savagery and fury, the Kyojin must be kept chained within the Dragon Fleets’ holds until it is time to unleash them upon the enemy.

Quelle: Soda Pop Miniatures


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  • Immer noch kein Dahon. Steckt wohl wie Super Dungeon Explore in China fest und wird jetzt wohl Mai oder Juni.

    • Wobei ich mich da frage ob das wirklich so ist, im Starter sind 5 verschiedene drin, und das hier sind ja quasi die Starter Minis ausgekoppelt, es würde also eigenldich keinen Sinn machen da tatsächlich 4 mal die gleiche reinzupacken, wo es doch schon 5 individuelle Designs sammt nötigem Material gibt.

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