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Panzerfäuste: Neues Update

Rob zeigt mal wieder Fortschritte beim Panzerfäuste Kickstarter.

Hinweis: Alle Bilder zeigen WiP-Modelle und wie man sieht sind es eher schnelle Schnappschüsse mit dem Telefon… 😀


The Panzerbär is still work in progress. I’m chasing the sculptor near daily now to get this done. I get the impression he has a few jobs on the go at the same time. His work is stunning so far though.

Details are to change here and there. He’s going to pay closer attention to the Historical Panzer I and Panzer II (it will have two turret options), as well as reducing the height of the hull and also changing just a few minor things. That includes the printed logos on the sides, we prefer to leave this up to you or potentially even look into waterslide transfers.

I’ve commissioned the Zinn Mann too! Hopefully some WIP next week.

3D Printing

This week’s been a bit slow on this front. Sadly, our Orc Command Set was missing the tubes for the Enigma Machine. It took a little longer to get these sent out to us than we would have hoped, but we’ve been assured they are on their way. Along with that, we are expecting Rusalka prints and some parts of the Deathless Troll. We’ve also had the Dwarf Command parts which needed reprinting sorted out, they only just arrived on Friday, and we have been told that the Dwarf Grenadiers and the Gnome Command are about to go into print on Monday.

We have some potentially *very* exciting news regarding printing, but I do not want to crush any dreams by jinxing it. I hope to report on that next week. If I don’t, well, you know it’s not happened. 🙂


I’ve been very busy on this front. Now able to do the basic stuff myself, from home; without having to travel to a friend’s to borrow their kit, I can get stuff done a bit faster and in times that I want/need to get it done. I managed to get the Gnome Snail Barn, the 2/3 of the Gnome Wall Set and the Orc Command Set into moulds. I have also poured silicone onto the Gnome Bakery and Mushroom House today, as well as the final 1/3 of the Gnome Wall set.

The setting time is 12 hours, so I will be pulling them out tomorrow.

In terms of casting, I ran out of dye, so the models are currently coming out in White Resin. This looks *HORRIBLE* and I will not risk daring to show you the Orc Command. Frankly, they look horrid, but the detail is all there, there is no surface texture or any untoward difficulties. They are great casts, they are just glaring white and the detail is very hard to see. I will make sure to get photographs once I have grey-dyed resin again!

In any case, to prove my point, here is a (UNFINISHED) Wall Set. Each set will be trimmed and the bases will be filed down on a belt sander before being sent to you guys. They look lovely once given that treatment.


 I also managed to cast the Snail Barn up. It looks really, really nice actually!

…You can see the horrid white Orcs on the side!

Hysterical_Panzerfaeuste_Update_3 Hysterical_Panzerfaeuste_Update_4

Außerdem sucht Rob Helfer für Hysterical Games:


I’ve realised, rather quickly, that I’m not going to be able to do everything if I want to do this in the timely fashion I would like to. With that in mind, I am asking if anyone is willing to help with some parts of the project that they are experienced with. It’s not the end of the world if not, but I figured it’s always worth a try. I must stress that the return for this will be endless gratitude and a lot of figures. Our budget is stretched enough as it is. 🙂

We need the following, ideally.

Graphic Designer – Somebody experienced with InDesign and (to a lesser extent) Photoshop, to aid getting the books laid out, looking lovely and getting them ready to print. My plan was to originally do this myself, but I would have to learn the software, which will take time and time is something I’m short on.

Painter – We’re looking for figure painters! We must express to ONLY put yourself forwards if you can accept being let down. We have a standard that we want to maintain and we may not believe that your style is appropriate for our product. This does not mean we hate you and think you are untalented, just inappropriate. Between Steve and I, we will get some items done – that I am sure of. But I doubt we will get enough of the range done, to a good enough standard, to grant it!

A few people have come forwards to help with painting, the ones we agree to, we will be contacting in due course – Callum from Oxford and Tony from Droitwich Spa, to name a few! Obviously, Ant from Leicester has been helping with the scenery already.

If you’re interested in helping out with either role, just send us a PM. Even if it is helping TEACH me how to use InDesign, that would be much appreciated!

Quelle: Panzerfäuste: Mechanised Warfare in a Mythical Realm


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