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Olleys Armies: Kickstarter Finale

Der aktuelle Kickstarter von Olleys Armies geht auf die Zielgerade.

Hello and welcome to our 3rd kickstarter, where we hope with your support and backing to be able to fund the expenses involved in producing Armies of the Scrunt Empire. Since our last Kickstarter Bob has devoted a great many hours constructing and sculpting the miniatures to make these sets.We just love these gas masked scrunts and gas masked dachshunds, we would be thrilled to be able to get moulds made for them and to add them to the Olleys Armies Miniatures lines already on our website. That will only happen if we can get the funding we need from this Kickstarter project. So please take a look at the pictures below showing the sets Bob has made We hope that you like them and that you decide to back our project.

Thanks Bob & Jackie

Es geht um eine ganze VIelzahl verschiedener Scrunts:

Armies_Of_The_Scrunt_Empire_1 Armies_Of_The_Scrunt_Empire_2 Armies_Of_The_Scrunt_Empire_3

Armies_Of_The_Scrunt_Empire_4 Armies_Of_The_Scrunt_Empire_5 Armies_Of_The_Scrunt_Empire_6

So sehen die Infos zum Pledgen und den Stretch Goals aus:

Heavy Metal Rewards

Our reward to you for backing this project will be high quality metal castings of miniatures sculpted by Bob Olley. You select the amount you want to pledge to us and you can then choose an unlocked reward of equal value.  For example:

  • SET ONE: PLEDGE VALUE £52; choose it for a reward if you pledge £52 (includes UK Postage)

Please Note the Following sets only become available as reward choices once their Stretchgoals are unlocked

  • SET TWO: pledge value £52 (includes UK Postage)
  • SET THREE: pledge value £52 (includes UK Postage)
  • SET FOUR: pledge value £42 (includes UK Postage) ADD-ON Price to pledge levels of £52 or less: £42 UK, £45 EU, £48 Rest of World- ADD-ON price for Pledge levels of £104 or more is £42 worldwide
  • SETS FIVE to SEVENTEEN:pledge value £18 for each set (includes UK Postage) or 3 x any combination of 5 Miniature Sets for £52 (includes UK postage only)
  • Early Bird Rewards– look for the Pledge levels with limited availability for details These special rewards are limited they include unusual kitbash models and a variety of metal/green sculpts all made by Bob. See pictures of the early birds rewards below.
  • ADD-ONs If you want to add extra sets to your pledge, maybe because there’s no pledge level that already offers the exact combination of rewards you want. Add on the extra pledge value for the item you want, for example add £42 (UK postage) to a pledge for SET FOUR or add £18 for SET FIVE.  Please note we may need to ask for additional postage for backers outside the UK when using ADD-ONs.
  • Remember if you live outside of the EU you may be charged import customs duties, each country has a different allowance so you may want to check before making a pledge.

Die Kampagne läuft noch 3 Tage, ein erstes Stretch Goal wurde freigeschaltet.

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