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Ninja Allstars: Clan Yamazaru

Ninja Division stellen einen weiteren Ninja Allstars Clan vor: Yamazaru.


At the farthest northern point of the island, as the lush bamboo forests give way to the craggy pines and low mountains of the O-Kage, snowdrifts and granite boulders break up the greenery in the heights of the mountains. Fierce and hardy people make their homes here, the winding mountain paths are dotted with stone carved shrines, and snow topped Tori gates, terrible storms wreak havoc on the northern realms, making it quite inhospitable to all but the most stoic of man and beast. Stone hearths billow smoke into the dusky sky from the heavy timbered village huts. These smoke columns are the scant evidence of civilization to be found amongst the cold stone and trees of the wintery landscape. These are the lands of the Yamazaru clan.
The Yamazaru are hardy, fierce, spiritual, and good natured people. While most of them value stoicism and aestheticism, necessary traits to survive in the harsh mountainous environs they favor, there is also a very playful side to them. They gleefully play pranks on one another and any outsider that braves the mountains to visit or trade with them, and are highly curious about new things.
The Yamazaru believe that material possessions are merely shiny amusements. While possessions may be pleasant and enjoyable to look at, true value is in relationships with others—family and friends—as well as having a rich spiritual life. Connecting with their majestic but rugged surroundings without all of the normal distractions of a more cosmopolitan life is what drew the Yamazaru to the mountains.
Yamazaru warriors are capable of feats of toughness unmatched by the other clans. They face extreme ordeals in their training: standing still as a statue for days, swimming without breathing, traveling without rest, punching trees without bleeding, and carrying massive stones without bending. The Yamazaru endure much to discipline their bodies and free their minds so they might perceive the great wisdom of the elements.

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