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Ninja All-Stars: Clan Tora

Ninja Divison haben einen Hintergrundtext zu Clan Tora für Ninja All-Stars veröffentlicht.


Travelling inland from the east, is a great expanse of fields and lush forest that gives way to the foothills of the great Getsu-san, a mighty mountain that breaks the skyline from anywhere on Kagejima, named for the cool snow-capped luster of its white peak – bright in the day, and reflective at night in the moons glow.
The countryside east of the mountains is dotted with doughty villages spread amongst the edges of the great forests to the north and the broken lands to the south. The foothills yield great rewards to the industrious people there, both in mineral wealth, the black blood of the earth, and access to chemical ingredients in the manufacturing of powerful compounds used in making raw materials that fill the forges of the various clans. These are the lands of the Tora clan.
The Tora are, much like their totem the Tiger, a proud and haughty people, always ready to pounce, taking the initiative or advantage. Taunting and one upmanship are favorite pastimes among Tora youths. Challenges to a foot race or other contest of strength or agility are never far from coming. Not being able to give as good as you get, or not having a thick enough skin to laugh off the constant flamboyant bragging and bravado is a sign of poor sportsmanship to the Tora. The Tora find it hard to understand or trust anyone who won’t fight for their ideas or express their emotions with passion. Honor is of extraordinary importance to the Tora, and they pursue it and defend it with the utmost of their fiery passion.
The Tora have applied their fiercely competitive nature to the arena of the mind in the same way that they compete physically. Combined with their mountainous homeland this inquisitive competitiveness has shaped the Tora into the preeminent smiths and alchemists in all Kagejima. Tora weapons are finely forged and their understanding of alchemical reactions is unsurpassed, leading them to make, not only the first firearms on the island, but the finest as well.

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