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Manorhouse Workshop: Neues Dungeon Preview

Neue Previews des Dungeon-Sets.

In ihrem Blog zeigen Manorhouse Workshop die ersten Bilder der Kunststoff-Gussrahmen ihres Dungeon-Systems.

Für die Italiener war es selber das erste Mal, dass sie die Kunststoff-Teile in den Händen hielten.


Manorhouse_DungeonGussrahmen ManorhouseWand ManorhouseTür

ManorhouseTorhinten ManorhouseTorvorne

The result has left us speechless. The quality of the texture is fantastic. Seem resin parts are so detailed.
Assemble the pieces is simple: we glued only 2 half of the walls large and small, helping with practical wings to align the workpiece without mistakes. Everything else we left free, in order to be better positioned as you want.

Manorhouse_DungeonKasten Manorhouse_DungeonEinzelteile

The visual impact is considerable, assembly simple, fun is guaranteed.
Of course, the prototypes are still incomplete and should be added parts which have been left behind to have the prototypes in time. Of the rest, these prototypes were sent for prototyping over 4 months ago … but without these pieces. we would not have known guarantee the high quality that we provide to all of you who participate in KS. From these early prototypes we will get the quality standard of steel moulds that will go in production .


Eine Vorschau der Verpackung des Sets, das demnächst über Kickstarter finanziert werden soll, gibt es auch.


Link: Manorhouse Workshop


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