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Kabuki: Modellierwettbewerb

Kanuki veranstalten in diesem Jahr auf der Lucca Comics & Games einen Wettbewerb für aufstrebende Modellierer.

Kabuki_Wettbewerb_Digital Kabuki_Wettbewerb_Traditionell

ENG: we offer a 150,00 Euro voucher (expendable at our online store) to the winner, who will also have the chance to work as a sculptor within our creative team through an official commission.
All the hand made sculptures up to a scale of 120mm (for entire sculptures) and 1/6 for busts are admitted to the conetest.
All those artists who are currently part of the Kabuki Models creative team are banned from the contest.

If you are unable to attend the event and then register your work at the contest, don’t worry because we’ll take care of it for you!
You can send the sculpture(s) to our studio (address provided via private message – shipping at your expense) and we’ll take him at the show. The sculpture(s) will be returned the first day after the end of the event (shipping costs at your expense).
Kabuki Models guarantees for the security and integrity of your models.
There is no limit to the amount of sculptures to enroll and participation is free.

In no case your material will be used for commercial purposes.

Außerdem gab es zuletzt zwei Teaser für ein neues Modell zu sehen:

Kabuki_Queen-_Of_Hearts_54mm_1 Kabuki_Queen-_Of_Hearts_54mm_2

New week and new update for the QUEEN OF HEARTS!

From the pencils of Alessandro Trombetta and the digital chisel of Greg Onychuck the Queen is almost done, currently we’re working on the pose and the last finishings on clothes.

A new, and possibly final, update for the end of the week. As usual…say tuned!

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Link: Kabuki


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