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Kabuki: AdeptiCon Mini

Kabuki Models haben auf Facebook ihre AdeptiCon Miniatur für dieses Jahr vorgestellt.

Messe Mini

our little dwarf beer maiden is finished! Currently our 3d-printery is taking care of the phisical master and tomorrow we’ll post it to the foundry for the white metal casting!
25mm to the top of the head, she’s our first dwarf model and be sure it will also be the founder of a new and long range.
This mini will be first available during the Adepticon Con, so from March 19th ‚till 22th but don’t worry! You don’t need to necessarily go there to buy the model, it will be indeed available also on the kabukimodels.com website, but only during the Con’s time!


Link: Kabuki@FB
Link:Kabuki Models


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