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Judge Dredd: Manta Prowl Tank

Warlord lassen schweres Gerät auf die Straßen von Megacity 1 los, den Manta Prowl Tank für Judge Dredd.

Manta Prowl Tank – 125,00 GBP

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  • 1 Vehicle
  • Metal & Resin
  • Made to Order (This product will be cast especially for you by our expert staff. If your order includes this item, it will take a few more days before we ship it.)

The Manta Prowl Tank was the Justice Department’s answer to a growing crime wave. Often regarded as a mobile floating fortress of anti-crime measures, the Manta can strike fear into the heart of the most desperate perp and is fully capable of dealing with entire riots by itself. With clear skies, the Manta can reach great speed and features a Peterson High Intensity Laser Cannon with adjustable wide beam mode, stumm gas dispensers and riot foam jets as its primary armament; allowing it to tackle anything from an angry mob to the most heavily armoured vehicle. In addition, the Manta is also armed with two twin-linked fast action anti-personnel lasers and can be further modified with heavier weaponry as the situation demands, potentially making them the equal of any battle tank in terms of firepower. On board holding cells can imprison up to thirty perps.

Two pilots control its great bulk with exceptional agility, while four street judges constantly monitor on-board scanners for any sign of local crime, ready to take the Law to perps outside upon Lawmasters stored within the Manta’s forward bay. There are also compartments that allow on-board tek- and med-judges to function effectively, while more street judges monitor the holding cells, communications and weapon systems of the tank. Overall command is given to a senior judge.

With such awesome capability wrapped into one heavily armoured hull, the Manta Prowl Tank is an outward symbol of the judges’ absolute authority within Mega-City One.

This is a resin model with some metal parts that requires some assembly and painting.

Link: Warlord Games


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  • Ohne die Kuppel sieht der sicher ganz schick aus, aber £125 ist selbst mit gutem zweistelligem Rabatt ein ganz schönes Pfund!

  • Also ich kenne ihn ja schon länger, also ich überlege auch schon eine Weile ihn mir nicht zu kaufen sondern selbs zu bauen, Er ist stylisch aber nicht so schwer nachzumachen, die Bikes sind toll, die anderen Fahrzeuge die es geben würde wären wesentlich interessanter.

    Aber wenn ich einen unerwarteten Geldsegen bekomme ist er mein.

    @Belakor: Noch ist aller Tage abend

    @Totenkopfmann: Ich kann nur sagen hol dir ne Startbox, schau mal in mein P500 Thread vielleicht kann ich dich motivieren.

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