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JoeK: Heracles und Atalanta

Die Neuinterpretation der griechischen Sagenwelt geht weiter.

Atalanta  Artwork Atalanta  WiP Green Heracles WiP Green

Heracles is very nearly finished. Have a pic to see! I should point out that his shoulder guard is tacked on with a bit of play-doh at the moment, as it’s a fragile thing. When its all been cut and cast up it’ll sit lovely and flush! Can’t wait to start production on him, as I think he’s gonna be fantastic to paint! Cracking job Mr Crawforth!

So, as work on Heracles nears the end (see the pic of his shoulder guard/helmet – Robby’s doing a grand job!), sculpting Atalanta begins. Not exactly finished (:p), but even at the armature stage, Patrick has got the ‚body language‘ right I reckon.

Quelle: JoeK Miniatures bei Facebook


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