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Imperial Assault: FAQ und Turnierregeln

Fantasy Flight Games haben neue Dokumente für Imperial Assault veröffentlicht.

Imperial Assault FAQ

With the release of our first season of Imperial Assault Tournament Expansion Kits comes tournament rules and an FAQ. Whether you’re looking to play in a skirmish tournament or just play a campaign with friends, the FAQ is now available on the Imperial Assault page for reference and clarification. For players looking to compete in skirmish tournaments and tournament organizers planning to host them, the tournament rules can also be found on the Imperial Assault page.

Whether you’re a player or tournament organizer, be sure to read the FAQ (pdf, 3.8 MB) and tournament rules (pdf, 726 KB) before getting involved in your first tournament.

A Word from the Developers

Hello Imperial Assault players!

In conjunction with the release of skirmish tournament rules, we are releasing an FAQ to help create the most enjoyable and competitive Imperial Assault experience possible.
The FAQ includes a handful of minor errata to rulebook and card text. Most of these should not change gameplay dramatically and are intended simply to clarify “common sense” rulings and close exploitable loopholes. For example, we wanted to make sure that when a Massive figure occupies blocking terrain, it is treated the same way a Mobile figure is when it occupies blocking terrain. Similarly, it was important to clarify that walls in combination with a terrain line can enclose a terrain type, to avoid disagreement over whether or not a central square of terrain qualified as difficult terrain or not. Other errata follow a similar vein, clarifying and specifying rather than dramatically altering gameplay.

Our hope with this errata is that it will not affect players’ day-to-day Imperial Assault experience. But rather, that when these issues come up in a rare instance and need to be addressed, a specific clarification exists and is ready to be referenced.

Good luck, roll well, and may the Force be with you!

Paul Winchester
Fantasy Flight Games

A Word from the Organized Play Team

Greetings Imperial Assault players,

The Imperial Assault skirmish tournament rules are straightforward and share many similarities with the other games we support, particularly X-Wing™. Our goal in writing them, as with all of our games, was to make them accessible and easy to adopt so players and tournament organizers can concentrate on the unique aspects of Imperial Assault gameplay.

Organized Play

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