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Icarus: The Gunslinger

Ein neues Preview mit Artwork für Icarus.

Icarus Miniatures The Gunslinger Artwork

Greetings Icarus fans; we’ve got another concept art preview for you. Today, we’re looking at one of the unique Alliance characters from The Icarus Project, the Gunslinger.

Joesph Edwards, also know as the Gunslinger is a marshal detective; tasked with bringing the galaxy’s most fearsome criminals to justice. He travels from world to world with a small team of Alliance marshals and troopers, apprehending law breakers wherever they may be found.

Styling himself after the western lawmen of Old Earth, the Gunslinger is never seen without his iconic hat and long coat. While other marshals use standard issue side arms, the Gunslinger carries a pair of custom heavy pistols. These long barreled pistols fire high caliber rounds, easily capable of piercing all but the strongest armours. The Gunslinger is a famously dour individual. Those with whom he comes into contact with will often tell tales of his stern face and how he is largely silent, speaking only when absolutely necessary, and often answering only with grunts. Despite this reputation, the marshals and troopers that serve with him are fiercely loyal. And many of the member of his team have been with him for years.

The Gunslinger is one of the most skilled detectives in the Alliance; and he has brought more criminals to justice than any other individual.

This concept for the Gunslinger is another fantastic piece by our exceptionally talented artist,  Hokunin, who was responsible for the Support Trooper, and Female Trooper previously shown. My favourite thing about this concept has to be the Gunslinger’s expression. I love how angry and purposeful he looks! I also think the pose is great. The coat blowing in the wind adds so much movement to what is actually quite a static pose

In The Icarus Project, the Gunslinger is a unique character, meaning you can only include him once in your strike force. At only 17 points, the Gunslinger is one of the cheaper character options in the Alliance list. He carries a combat knife and two heavy pistols, which makes him quite a short ranged character.

What he make lack in his stat line, he makes up for in special rules. The Gunslinger has the Opportunist rule; which means if an enemy unit enter critical condition within range of him, he may make an immediate shooting action against the critical unit. He also has the Loner special rule, meaning when he is more than 18 inches from a friendly unit, he may re-roll any roll he is required to make. Finally, he has the Investigator rule, which adds +1 to all searches he makes. This makes him very useful in objective games where you need to find the objective.

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