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Icarus: Praesidian Spirit Warrior

Ein weiteres Konzept für Icarus ist da!


In today’s post we are going to be taking a look at the most renown individuals in the Praesidian Republic. Deadly warriors, and preachers of the faith. The Praesidian Spirit Warriors.

Praesidian Spirit Warriors

Among all positions in the Praesidian Republic, none are more revered than that of the Spirit Warrior. Spirit Warriors are keepers of the faith, and responsible for the spiritual guidance of the race.

The Great Spirit

The Praesidian people are somewhat of an anomaly compared to most other races. They are one of the few species that still practice the same religion across the entire race. In a time where technology is so prevalent, most races and individuals have little need for faith, but the Praesidian people are still fervent believers in the Great Spirit.

The Great Spirit is made up of the energy of each and every creature that has died. Each death adds to the Great Spirit in some way, and Praesidian culture teaches individuals to embrace the end and their reuniting with the Spirit.

According to Praesidian teachings, the Great Spirit is made up of two aspects, one good, and one evil. The Praesidians believe that the good face of the Spirit has no physical embodiment, but that the evil face does indeed have a physical form; though theories on what that form could be differ substantially.

Phase Walkers

Galactic travel is possible by the Light Gates, massive portals connecting two points in space that allow ships to pass from one point to the other in almost no time at all.

It is widely accepted that the Praesidians are responsible for the construction of the original Light Gates, as they the only race that knows how to build them.

Praesidian Spirit Warriors have adapted the Light Gate technology into a small, portable system that can be worn. This allows them to phase between two points over a relatively short distance. This ability adds both to their combat effectiveness, and also their status as almost mystical beings.

However, because they are not shielded by the thick armour of a space craft, phasing through the void between two points does have lasting effects on the Spirit Warriors. The most notable effect is that after a time, the Spirit Warrior’s eyes change and seems to resembled galaxies and constellations. No one knows the exact reason for this, but the most popular theory is that it is a kind of after image that is burnt onto the individual’s eyes.

Prolonged exposure to the void is thought to possibly lead to madness, and there have been multiple documented cases of Spirit Warriors losing their minds and speaking of the horrors they have seen while travelling through the void.

The Circle

The Circle of Spirit Warriors is a group of 12 Spirit Warriors who are responsible for the Faith. A Spirit Warrior may only enter the circle if all the other members agree, and they cannot leave until the die. The Circle advises the Republic on all matters, and any leader who wishes to bring about any major change must have the approval of the Circle.

It was the Circle who suggested the exodus that saw the majority of the Praesidian race leave known space. Members of the Circle have been seen occasionally since the exodus, but never for long.

The Spirit Warriors who still walk the stars spreading the word of the Great Spirit believe that the Circle lead their people away to find the evil face of the Spirit and destroy it.

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