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Icarus: Neue Regelversion

Zu Icarus gibt es ein neues Cover und eine neue Version des Regelbuchs.


Greetings Icarus fans. Today sees the release of the new version of the Icarus Project rules, version 0.1.4.

This version sees a lot of tweaks to the army lists; a lot of units have had their equipment adjusted to bring them more into like with their background (fluff).

The main changes are:

1. New Cover
2. Moved Spectre to the Mercenaries force list.
3. Added a section on page 12 to clarify Critical Condition.
4. Changed the equipment listing of Gabriel Cross, Isaac Cross, and Jesse Pope.
5. Added Buddy. A new unique Mercenary Character.
6. Added Blaze. A new unique Mercenary Character.
7. Removed the Templar and Guy characters.
8. Added Hated Foes (Nexus), Echo Inhaler, & Orbital Strike to Charlie Bishop’s profile.
9. Added the Manipulate special rule to Scarlett Black.
10. Added the Echo Inhaler, Ravager Bike, and Ignition Bomb to the list of equipment.
11. Replace Assault Rifle with Energy Rifle for all Praesidian Units.
12. Added rules for bikes.
13. Added Nexus Commander & Ravager Biker.

Let’s take a look at some of those in more detail!

2. As Spectre is no longer actually employed by the Alliance, it seemed like he would be a better fit in the mercs list.

3. Critical condition has been referred to in the rules since the beginning, but somehow the paragraph describing what it is never made it out of the original document. So for those of you wondering what Critical Condition is:

When a unit suffers enough damage to reduce their health to exactly 0, instead of being killed outright, they enter Critical Condition.

When a unit is in Critical Condition, lay the miniature on it’s  side. A unit in Critical Condition may now perform any actions or be activated.

A unit in Critical Condition must be healed, either through the use of a med kit, or special rules, by the end of the  following Game Turn. If they are not healed in this time, or suffer any further damage, they are considered dead and removed from play.

If they are healed by med kit or special rule, they recover  the appropriate number of health points and may activate

5 & 6 . The mercenary faction is one of the best places to expand the universe through characters. It also offers some of the most diverse force lists. Buddy and Blaze are two new characters that introduce another side to the URC and Praesidians respectively, by giving you a glimpse of what it’s like to be on the outside of those factions.

7. The main theme of this version of the rules has been to add as much personality to the game as possible, and a lot of this has been through tweaking unit profiles. However, Templar and Guy no longer fit into the world. Templar as a concept (a crusading knight bringing people to justice) is pretty cool, but it doesn’t really fit with where the universe is heading. And as a character, he was too similar to the gunslinger. Guy will probably make a reappearance down the line as a new character, I like an anti-government, mad bomber character, but this rendition was too on the nose.

11. This is a fairly large change, but because of how advanced the Praesidians are, it felt right that they should be using energy weapons across the whole race.

12. The biggest change in this version was the addition of bike rules. I think bikes are fantastic additions to skirmish games. They allow players to use vehicles and benefit from the extra speed that offers, without clogging the battlefield with tanks and transports. I’m sure the bike rules will change and adapt as time goes on (and you can get involved in that process by joining out play test group here) but I’m excited to see what new dimensions bikes add to people’s games.

Hier geht es direkt zum Download der Regeln

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