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Icarus: Isaac Cross

Ein neues Preview für Icarus!


Isaac Cross

Isaac Cross is Gabriel’s adoptive father and a crew member of the Nimbus.

Early Life

Isaac was born to a wealthy family on Earth. He received the best education money could buy, and was being guided by his parents for politics, maybe even Governor. When he was 18, he was enrolled into the Alliance military. A military background, his parents argued, would help him to command more respect.

However, as he had grown up, the idea of being a politician appealed to him less and less. In the military, Isaac was able to build his own personality, away from the shadow of his parents. He served in the Alliance military for six years, earning many commendations. When his parents told him that it was time to resume his political career, he told them that he had found his passion in the military and would not be returning home, or fulfilling their plans for him.

His parents were furious and used their considerable connections to get him dishonorably discharged from the Alliance military, expecting him to return to them. Instead, Isaac told them that he would find work as a private contractor – a mercenary.

Isaac applied to the Wakefield Defence Corporation, the largest private military group in the galaxy, but his parent’s influence extended further than he had thought and he was denied.

Desperate, Isaac used what little money he had left to board a transport bound for Kilo Station, deep in the Free Zone, and home to the Guild of Mercenaries and Bounty Hunter.


Bounty Hunter

Isaac was able to find low level mercenary work fairly quickly; guarding shipments, mostly drugs and other contraband, from pirates.

Over the next four years he worked his way up to bigger and bigger jobs. He was eventually able to secure a position as part of the top tier of bounty hunters, who were given the best contracts.

One of these contracts took him to a rural Alliance fringe world to capture or kill a local warlord. This warlord had overthrown the local government and was gathering an army of mercenaries and marauders to try and take control of the governor’s office, and the planet itself.

Isaac and his mercenary group have very specific instructions not to get involved in the conflict, or do anything that could warn the warlord that mercenaries had landed on the planet. While the group was making its way towards the capitol where the warlord was based, they moved along the outskirts of a village under attack.

Isaac wanted to intervene and help the innocent villagers, but the group was clear about their orders. Just before they were out of the range of the village, Isaac spotted a small group of marauders dragging a family from their home. He watched as they gunned the father down and beat the mother. When they turned their attentions to the young boy, Isaac could stand by no more. He opened fire on the marauders, ending them before they even knew they were under attack.

To the protests of his mercenary squad mates, he advanced on the village to comfort the child and give him medical attention.

When the leader of the mercenary group arrived, he reminded Isaac that they could have no witnesses to their presence on the planet, and drew his pistol. Isaac put himself between the mercenary and the child and opened fire. He killed the mercenaries he had been traveling with, being shot by the leader in the process.

With the immediate threat over, Isaac turned to the child. He asked the boy to help him as he dressed his wounds then asked if the child had any other family. He did not.
Isaac decided that he couldn’t leave this young boy in the carnage of the warlord’s campaign, and said he would take him with him.

Isaac asked the boy’s name.

“Gabriel” he replied.

As he had gone off mission, and killed his fellow mercenaries, Isaac was forced to take Gabriel into hiding and leave the guild. He took Gabriel to an Alliance farming where he raised him as Gabriel Cross, his son.

Quelle: Icarus Miniatures


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  • Mit Helm. Aber andere Pose, bitte!
    Falls die es schaffen sollten, die AWs wirklich akkurat in Modelle zu übersetzen, könnten sie einen guten Abnehmer in mir finden. Und langsam wären Modellbilder echt nötig.

  • Das Gesicht irgendwo zwischen Lando Calrissian und Lucius Fox – bitte ohne Helm für mich!
    (Wenn die Mini das wirklich einfangen sollte…)

  • Wenn die das so hinbekommen, dann geht das in die Richtung, die ich mir für Gates of Antares gewünscht hatte, nachdem ich die erste Miniatur gesehen hatte.

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