Human Interface: Neues Update

Es gibt ein neues Update zu Human Interface.

Today, is Friday. As usual. This means that we have update for you.

Today we present to you the second side of the game board where you can play scenarios. You will find there a typical office space and industrial sections. We hope you like it.

Human_Interface_Kickstarter_Update_1 Human_Interface_Kickstarter_Update_2

Today also came to us pilot of the SAR team – Laura Bassetti. After redesigned process she is ready to fly the AV vehicle. Wherever help is needed. The SAR is complete. It was only one figure to design – Tactical Exo Skeleton. It is during the design.


We are already at the end of the design of the various elements of the game, it is time to present one more. Today we show you small character sheet that will be included in blisters with the miniatures for the HINT game. Along with the cards weapon and equipment will be the contents of the package too.


Next week we are going to close down the BackerKit. Seriously. We need to work on the logistics of the shipping. Please check your account, if all you want is on your list, whether the addresses are correct. After the lockdown you can change shipping address, but can’t change add-ons/responses. As you ready yourself, you can lockdown the account. We are sending a 48h reminder. Stay tuned.

For now that’s all.
The HINT team

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