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Hordes: Neues Unleashed Preview

Von Privateer Press gibt es ein neues Unleashed Previewbild.


We’ve talked a bit about bone grinders, one of the new Iron Kingdoms Unleashed careers available in the new Unleashed Adventure Kit. Bone grinders are a versatile Gifted career able to perform the messy wilderness version of alchemy.

Bone grinders can wring arcane power out of the blood, bone, and tissue of both living things and the recently dead and can transform the raw components into useful totems and fetishes. Though similar to the alchemy used by the settled societies of western Immoren, bone grinding is performed in the field and is less clinical and sterile than alchemy. A bone grinder’s fetishes don’t stick around forever, eventually rotting away. There’s a reason Disease Resistance is one of the career’s starting abilities!


Warmachine & Hordes ist unter anderem bei unserem Partner Fantasy-In erhältlich.

Der deutsche Vertrieb für Warmachine & Hordes liegt bei Ulisses Spiele.

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